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April 27, 2016 Patch Notes[]


New Heroes

  • Agent 13, Vibranium rank reward for PvP Tournament 5
  • Captain America (Civil War), added to the store
  • Falcon (Civil War), mastery reward for Spec Op 2
  • Iron Man (Civil War), added to the store
  • Winter Soldier (Civil War), mastery reward for Spec Op 2

Spec Ops

  • Made preparations for Spec Op 2: Captain America: Civil War
  • Added acquisition tips to Spec Op currency
  • Added current task display to Spec Op mission map


  • Renamed “Tasks” tab within tasks menu to “Chapters” to better reflect content
  • Combat node pins no longer extend through the holo table
  • Dialogue throughout chapters 2 and 3 now displays correctly
  • Various tasks now correctly list chapter locations and difficulties
  • Team-Up Heroes now display star ratings correctly after combat

Player Versus Player

  • Made preparations for PvP Tournament 5: Agent 13
  • PvP post-combat pages now display correctly


  • “Contingency Plan” passive now correctly rewards Strategy instead of removing it

Black Panther

  • “Panther Kick” ability now correctly gets Finesse bonus

Black Widow

  • “Ballerina” ability is no longer a Stealthy Maneuver; now uses Deadly Grace
  • “Red Room Training” passive now grants +20% Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and Speed when Revealed instead of while Stealthy

Black Widow (Age of Ultron)

  • “Evac Support” ability now animates properly
  • Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities

Captain America (Age of Ultron)

  • “Stalwart Defender” passive now functions correctly
  • Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities


  • “Billy Club Beatdown” ability now correctly gets Finesse bonus


  • Now reverts to Normal size if swapped out


  • “Defense Attorney” passive now functions correctly

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

  • Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities

General Hero Updates

  • Adjusted frequency of Dodge and Devastate
  • Free Attacks—Counters, Follow-Ups, etc.—now correctly target Protected and Stealthy targets
  • Frenzied buff now correctly grants follow-up attacks
  • Stealthy buff no longer allows Heroes to attack Protected targets
  • Ability modifiers based on Hero stats—Deadly Precision, Deadly Fortitude, etc.—now correctly apply bonuses
  • Adjusted damage for all abilities with cooldowns
  • Abilities with cooldowns now display a countdown timer
  • Insight resource now grants free turns instead changing a Hero’s initiative


  • Mysterio’s helmet now animates correctly


  • “Exolon Reconstruction” ability reworked to improve performance

System Improvements

  • Players can now tap on all holo table pins for additional information in both Spec Op and Chapter missions
  • Trials that require critical hits now correctly convey each attack counts only once regardless of the number of hits
  • Rebalanced distribution of trial costs with regard to research materials
  • Iso-8 set values are now displayed correctly in reward screens
  • Indomitable Iso-8 set now blocks only Mental, Physical, and Tactical debuffs and no longer blocks active debuffs being reapplied
  • Iso-8 rewards no longer appear unidentified after combat
  • Combats where Heroes’ levels are adjusted now display the amount by which they’re scaled
  • Updated art for Research Materials
  • Renamed solitaires to prevent overlapping text and improve clarity
  • Text no longer overlaps when converting to Ability Points in reward screens
  • Updated account sync instructions for clarity

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