Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia
Effect BG 1 BlankEffect Icon 007
  Area Attack
Passive Buff
 This attack targets all enemies
Area Attack
Passive Buff
Effect BG 1 BlankArea Attack
 This attack targets all enemies


  • This attack targets all enemies


Name Ability Stars
Tn Ant-Man
Ant-Man Cinematic
Ant-man 8 so-long-and-tanks So Long And Tanks 3 Star
Ui icon hero plaque black panther 01-lo r128x128
Black Panther Modern
Blackpanther 6 dagger-barrage Dagger Barrage 2 Star
Tn Black Widow AoU
Black Widow Age of Ultron
Blackwidow AoU 7 explosive-disks Explosive Disks 2 Star
Ui icon hero plaque captain america 01-lo r128x128
Captain America Marvel Now!
CaptainamericaMN 7 ricochet Ricochet 2 Star
Tn Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Marvel Now!
CaptainmarvelMN 4 aim-high Aim High 2 Star
CaptainmarvelMN 8 death-from-above Death From Above 3 Star
Tn Electro
Electro Classic
Electro 2 electrical-storm Electrical Storm Template:1star
Electro 8 human-dynamo Human Dynamo 3 Star
Ui icon hero plaque yellowjacket 01-lo r128x128
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
07 - Buzz Kill Buzz Kill 2 Star
10 - Big Foot Big Foot 3 Star
Tn Hawkeye AoU
Hawkeye Age of Ultron
Hawkeye AoU 4 sonic-arrows Sonic Arrows 1 Star
Hawkeye AoU 8-hi-voltage-arrows High-Volt Arrows 3 Star
Tn Hawkeye
Hawkeye Marvel Now!
Hawkeye 4 multi-arrow Multi Arrows 1 Star
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 5 open-a-rift Open The Rift 2 Star
Ui icon hero plaque hulk 01-lo r128x128
Hulk Marvel Now!
Hulk 7 thunder-clap Thunder Clap 2 Star
Hulk 8 world-breaker World Breaker 3 Star
Tn Iron Man AoU
Iron Man Age of Ultron
Ironman AoU 3 sticky-rockets Sticky Rockets 1 Star
Ironman AoU 6 laser-sweep Laser Sweep 2 Star
Ironman AoU 1 repulsor-ray Hellion Missiles 3 Star
Tn Iron Man
Iron Man Bleeding Edge
Ironman 2 incendiary-missiles Incendiary Missiles 1 Star
06 - Laser Cutter Laser Cutter 2 Star
Tn Iron Man CW
Iron Man Civil War
20px Missile Battery 2 Star
M.O.D.O.K. Modern
Modok 8 countdown-to-Armageddon Countdown To Armageddon 3 Star
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 4 meteoric-impact Meteoric Impact 1 Star
Nova 2 boosted-flight Nova Force Unleashed 3 Star
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
02 - Sphaleron Launcher Sphaleron Launcher 1 Star
Rocket 6 quantum-entangler Quantum Entangler 1 Star
Ui icon hero plaque she hulk 01-lo r128x128
She-Hulk Classic
Shehulk 4 kangaroo-court Kangaroo Court 1 Star
Shehulk 7 bar-exam Bar Exam 2 Star
Tn Miles Morales
Spider-Man Miles Morales
08-Venom Bomb Venom Bomb 3 Star
Tn Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman Classic
Spider-woman 2 fear-pheromones Fear Pheromones 1 Star
Tn Star-Lord
Star-Lord Cinematic
Star-lord 6 spirit-in-the-sky-1 Spirit in the Sky 2 Star
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 7 thunderhead-unleashed Thunderhead Unleashed 2 Star
Tn Thor
Thor Marvel Now!
Marvel Now! Thor-Stormbringer Storm Front 3 Star
Tn Vision
Vision Marvel Now!
Vision 6 microwave-pulse Microwave Pulse 2 Star
Ui icon hero plaque war machine 01-lo r128x128
War Machine Marvel Now!
03 - Shock And Awe Shock And Awe 1 Star
Tn Wasp
Wasp Modern
02 - Stinging Barrage Stinging Barrage 1 Star
Wasp 3 fly-swatter Fly Swatter 1 Star
07 - Skirmish Scramble Skirmish Scramble 2 Star
Tn Winter Soldier CW
Winter Soldier Civil War
File:03-Down the Line.jpg Down The Line 1 Star
File:06-H.E. Round.jpg H.E. Round 2 Star
File:08-Guns Blazing.jpg Guns Blazing 3 Star