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One of Hydra’s most ferocious heads, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker envisions a future where the world submits to his ruthless authority. Strucker wields a powerful demonic gauntlet that can steal the life force of his enemies. He craves nothing more than to hold Captain America in its deadly clutch.

Class: Tactician Tactician

Organizations: Ui icon pin faction hydra-lo r mip 064x64 copy Hydra

Story Appearance[]

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars

  • Mission 2 - Arms Race (Heroic) Note: This is Epic Baron Strucker needed to complete tasks and character trails.


Note: These are the stats at Level 35 **** (Epic)

  • Health: 13173
  • Attack: 3112
  • Defense: 3112
  • Speed: 3661
  • Accuracy: 3842
  • Evasion: 3842


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Galvanic Pulse Single Yes Melee
Scalding Strike One Enemy Yes Melee Death Spore Self


Name Description Effect Notes
Death Spore Carrier Generates a Death Spore after attacking. Performs a devastating attack with 5 Death Spores If Baron Strucker has any amount of Death Spores, they are used as Buffs
Super Villain Takes turns faster


Baron Strucker uses his Satan Claw to terrifying effect, Stunning foes and leaving them Wounded. If not dealt with quickly enough, he can unleash the Death Spore virus within his body for truly imposing levels of damage.