Hero Ability Type
Tn Ant-Man
Ant-Man Cinematic
Ant-Man-So Long and Tanks So Long And Tanks Ranged Blunt
Tn Black Widow AoU
Black Widow Age of Ultron
Blackwidow AoU 8 escrima-expertise Escrima Expertise Melee Blunt Shock Umarmed
Unknown Icon 1
Captain America 1901
Unknown Icon 1 Full-Stoke Charge Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Blowout Cylinder Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Thermic Ejector Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Piston Breaker Melee Blunt
Tn Captain America AoU
Captain America Age of Ultron
CaptainamericaAOU 2 shield-toss Shield Toss Ranged Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 3 frontline-charge Frontline Charge Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 6 martial-justice Martial Justice Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 7 bastion-of-liberty Bastion of Liberty Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 8 tour-of-duty Tour of Duty Melee Blunt Unarmed
Tn Captain America CW
Captain America Civil War
Captain america cw 01 shield smash Shield Smash Melee Blunt
Captain america cw 03 streaming glory Streaming Glory Ranged Blunt
Captain america cw 06 falling star Falling Star Melee Blunt
Captain america cw 07 bursting combo Bursting Combo Ranged Blunt
Tn Captain America
Captain America Marvel Now!
02 - Star-Spangled Basher Star-Spangled Basher Melee Blunt
04 - Shield Throw Shield Throw Ranged Blunt
06 - Shooting Star Shooting Star Melee Blunt
07 - Ricochet Ricochet Ranged Blunt
10 - Soaring Eagle Soaring Eagle Melee Blunt
Tn Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Marvel Now!
CaptainmarvelMN 7 air-drop Air Drop Ranged Blunt
Tn Daredevil
Daredevil Marvel Now!
Daredevil 1 manriki-gusari Manriki Gusari Ranged Blunt
Daredevil 2 billy-club-beatdown Billy Club Beatdown Melee Blunt
Daredevil 5 baton-rouge Baton Rouge Melee Blunt
Daredevil 7 ruthless-justice Ruthless Justice Melee Blunt
Daredevil 8 last-rites Last Rites Melee Blunt Unarmed
Tn Falcon CW
Falcon Civil War
Falcon CW-Ramming Speed Redwing Ramming Speed Ranged Blunt Projectile
Falcon CW-Grapple Shot Redwing Grapple Shot Ranged Blunt Projectile
Tn Groot
Groot Cinematic
03 - Shillelagh Shillelagh Melee Blunt
06 - Floral Colossus Floral Colossus Ranged Blunt
10 - Deadwood Deadwood Melee Blunt
Tn Hank Pym
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
10 - Big Foot Bigfoot Melee Blunt
Tn Hulk AoU
Hulk Age of Ultron
Hulk AoU 4 crush Crush Ranged Blast Blunt
Tn Hulk
Hulk Marvel Now!
05 - Property Damage Property Damage Ranged Blunt
Ui icon hero plaque luke cage 01-lo r128x128
Luke Cage Modern
05 - Get Crushed Get Crushed Ranged Blunt
Tn Mr Hyde
Mister Hyde
Misterhyde 4 not-bloody-likely Not Bloody Likely Melee Blunt
Misterhyde 6 get-stuffed Get Stuffed Ranged Blunt
M.O.D.O.K. Modern
Modok 4 doomsday-chair Doomsday Chair Melee Blunt
Tn Moon Knight
Moon Knight Marvel Now!
01 - Knight Club Knight Club Melee Blunt
Tn Nebula H
Nebula Cinematic
02 - Focused Spite Focused Spite Melee Blunt
03 - Calculated Strike Calculated Strike Melee Blunt
06 - Furious Combo Furious Combo Melee Blunt
10 - Strike From The Darkness Strike From The Darkness Melee Blunt
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 6 gravimetric-beam Gravimetric Beam Ranged Blunt
Tn She-Hulk
She-Hulk Classic
07 - Bar Exam Bar Exam Melee Blunt
10 - Protect and Serve Protect and Serve Ranged Blunt
Tn Spider-Man
Spider-Man Classic
10 - Ultimate Throw Ultimate Throw Ranged Blunt
Tn Miles Morales
Spider-Man Miles Morales
06-Sling Kick Sling Kick Ranged Blunt
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 1 unleash-mjolner Unleash Mjoinir Ranged Blunt
Thor AoU 2 thunderstrike Thunderstrike Melee Blunt Shock
Thor AoU 4 asgard-calls Asgard Calls Melee Blunt
Thor AoU 6 might-mjolner Mighty Mjoinir Melee Blunt
Thor AoU 8 bring-down-the-hammer Bring Down The Hammer Melee Blunt Shock
Tn Thor
Thor Marvel Now!
Marvel Now! Thor-Empowering Strike Empowering Strike Melee Blunt
03 - Hammer Throw Hammer Throw Ranged Blunt
04 - Worthy Flight Worthy Flight Melee Blunt
06 - Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammer Melee Blunt
07 - Worthy Combo Worthy Combo Melee Blunt
Tn Wasp
Wasp Modern
03 - Fly Swatter Fly Swatter Melee Blunt
10 - Fist Bump Fist Bump Melee Blunt
Ability Type
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