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    If anyone finds a bug or issue in the game, please leave it here so that fellow players may know about them. Remember the game is in limited beta so there may be more than usual. If a bug is fixed, please remove it from the page.

Skill Bugs[]

  • Hulk's Savage Strikes skill doesn't grant him inspired when used.
  • Drax's I Am Too Furious ability has a display error on the enemy's health.
  • Star-Lord's Spirit in the Sky is meant to be an area attack but it only targets one enemy.
  • Captain America's Soaring Eagle does not apply inspired.
  • Groot does not get the increase in speed from his Timber passive.
  • Modok's Catalyst Rocket at 3-stars doesn't apply volatile to all enemies, but just to one enemy.
  • Rocket Raccoon's Fermion Pulse Rifle occasionally will get cancelled out on its own when an enemy dies, despite that there are 2 remaining enemies on the battle.
  • Vision leaders do not show up as an allies Team-Up option prior to a mission
  • Age of Ultron Black Widow passive ability 'Remember Budapest' applies the debuff cornered which is supposed to remove and prevent Protection. While this debuff is active it currently does not prevent an enemy from gaining the 'Protection' buff. (This may not remove Stealthy or Protecting at all)
  • Age of Ultron Black Widow ability 'Jump Kick' 4 star upgrade is supposed to upgrade the 'Off Balance' debuff to all enemies. It currently only applies this debuff to the enemy targeted.
  • Age of Ultron Black Widow: Occasionally During a 'Spycraft' turn after you try to attack the attack is skipped.(Happens most often when using Escrima Expertise and/or she and some one else are queued on the same turn). 'Escrima Expertise' does not activate Opportunistic when it should durring this turn either.
  • Hank Pym level 20 innate does not give him 20 power like it is supposed to
  • Resilient does not reduce status damage
  • Iron Man (CW) shields reduce status damage by far more than 50% (more like 80%), and continue to do so after the shield is destroyed

Trial's Bugs[]

  • Came across a bug with Thor (3 star version), killing Ronan chapter 3.5 without a hero dying is not tracking.
  • Iron Fist's 4-star trial to defeat Epic Magus can be completed by defeating Boss Magus in Ch3M6.
  • Hulk AoU 2-star trial to defeat Shocker doesn't track in Chapter 1, but does in Scouting Missions.

Description Errors[]

  • Drax's Stab 3-star Trial upgrades the speed of the ability to fast when It was already fast.
  • Star-Lord's Spirit in the Sky is meant to be an area attack but it only targets one enemy.
  • Star-Lord's Cherry Bomb skill description as 'stun all heroes' should be renamed to 'stun all enemies'.
  • One of Electro's 4-star hero trial named 'Killing blow 20 tacticians that are affected by static charge' should be renamed to '.... affected by static discharge'.
  • One of both Electro's and Vision's 3-star hero trial named 'Defeat Crimson Dynamo on hard difficulty' should be renamed to 'Defeat Carnidal Raker on hard difficulty'.
  • "Tactician's Gold Solitaire" is mislabeled as "Tactician's Silver Solitaire" as well as "Scrapper's Gold Solitaire" is also mislabeled as "Scrapper's Silver Solitaire" in the game.
  • Galactic ISO-8 set's effects does not break shields, but instead it applies 'Flanking' effects to the user's single-target attacks.
  • Numerous spelling and grammar errors all over the game.
  • AoU Thor's Unleash Mjolnir also applies Wounded, which isn't described.

Technical Issues[]

  • On Galaxy S4: on rare occasion characters will be removed from the turn order display. When their turn would come the game freezes. Has happened on both enemy and ally sides. Hawkeye seems to be directly connected. Speculation: When Hawkeye's adroit makes him take someone else's slot on the turn order, they get removed.
  • often when leave one type of mission for another (scouting/campaign/pvp) the game crashes on loading after PAYING THE ENTRY COST. When log back in entry fee is lost
  • The game works OK after installing it, a day after that it does not start, only open a window for 6 sec. and close, to play again I have to uninstall and reinstall, it works only for that day, and have to do it all over the next day (PC)

Solution: Delete the content of the AC folder -"DriveLetter":\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Packages\MarvelEntertainment.AA2_#########\AC

  • Sometimes, the story dialogue did not appear or it appeared as blank. The game will not load as of 9/1/16. Possible server overload? Annoying to say the least.