Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia

Armed & Dangerous[]


  • Hawkeye : I've got a good view of the Incursion from this location. Any closer and I think we risk being pulled in when it collapses.
  • Director Coulson : Anything horrible emerging yet? I need to know at the first sign of we're going to have other dimensional invaders on our hands..
  • Hawkeye : That's a negative. Everything's pretty quiet. it looks like - WOAH! The whole Incursion just dissipated.
  • Director Coulson : How much damage are we looking at?
  • Hawkeye : None. This thing didn't have the kind of violent collapse we're used to seeing--no vortex, no eaten city blocks, nothing... it's like the whole thing just unraveled.
  • Maria Hill : We're showing major Iso-8 fallout all around the epicentre of the Incursion site.
  • Director Coulson : Well that part, at least, is functioning as catastrophically as ever. We need to move fast on that Iso-8, Commander.
  • Director Coulson : Get your team in there and secure the area before any criminal elements get their hands on it.

Sinister Syndicate Grunts - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We've cleared an Iso-8 deposit of hostiles.
  • Director Coulson : Excellent, we'll task a recovery team to your location to extract it.
  • Maria Hill : Red Skull may still have Hydra personnel operating in the area. A bunch of them made it out before we could lock down that safe house. Are you meeting a lost of resistance?
  • Hawkeye : Just common street toughs, but there's an awful lot of them - even for an all-you-can-eat Iso-8 buffet. I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Director Coulson : If they're organized, we need to be sure. I doubt very much that we're the only ones clever enough to have noticed that the Incursions are giving off Iso-8 as a byproduct.

Hydra Power Armor - After Mini Boss[]

  • Spider-Man : Having any trouble with the delightful cornucopia of armed minions we're seeing today? I mean seriously, where do they just find guys to do their bidding all the time?
  • Director Coulson : Spider-Man? What do you have for us?
  • Spider-Man : Why? Is it somebody's birthday? (I always forget to write these things down.)
  • Spider-Man : No, wait, don't tell me-- you mean about the goons, right? They're working for the Sinister Six. At least, I assume that's what's going on. I passed Rhino further up 8th doing... you know... Rhino-y things. He was backed up by half a dozen of these guys. Oh, and Doc Ock is right over there.
  • Director Coulson : Octavius is here?! All units go to quarantine protocol. Lock this neighborhood down. Doc Ock does not leave here with one ounce of Iso-8.

Sinister Syndicate Grunts - Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : I've tried flanking around the criminal elements we've been running into, but they're working hard to stay in our way. These guys are well coordinated.
  • Director Coulson : Affiliation?
  • Spider-Man : They're going by the name 'Sinister Syndicate'. I'll give you Six guesses who they're working for.
  • Director Coulson : Blast it. Hill, get another team in there to lock down the perimeter of that area. Commander, punch through those hostiles. I do not want the Sinister Six helping themselves to a massive deposit of Iso-8.

Hydra Power Armor - Mini Boss (Hard) Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Gang, we've got an entire mechanized Hydra platoon up ahead.
  • Director Coulson : What's the problem?
  • Hawkeye : No problem. I just wanted you watching when the Commander and I take it apart. Let's do this, Chief.

Doctor Octopus - Boss Battle[]

  • Spider-Man : Put your hands in the air - and I realize we may have to count when you're done with that - and step away from the highly volatile, super-pebbles. 
  • Doctor Octopus : Ah.. our most irksome arachnid. My regrets, but I'm afraid I can't allow such a precious scientific commodity to fall into the claws of those visionless ignoramuses at S.H.I.E.L.D.. 
  • Spider-Man : Well then... arm wrestle? 


  • Spider-Man : 'Kay so... he's, uh, gone. And I think he got away with more than an ounce of Iso-8. More like a huge boulder of it.
  • Director Coulson : That's extremely bad.
  • Spider-Man : Some kind of smoke and mirrors gimmick. One minute I was web-punching him, the next he was all <poof!>. I'm guessing....
  • Director Coulson : Sounds like Mysterio's handiwork.
  • Director Coulson : Spidey, see if you can pick up Octavius's tail. Commander, I've got a whole new kind of bad news developing in uptown for you.

Mysterio Science Theater[]


  • Director Coulson : The Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M., is an organization of amoral super-scientists, willing to pursue any line of research, at any cost, in the name of science.
  • Director Coulson : We've been getting reports for the last hour that they're up to something in the area. What's the latest, Maria?
  • Maria Hill : Two more sightings of A.I.M. personnel heading up Broadway. If they're here for the Iso-8, they're moving in the wrong direction.
  • Director Coulson : Commander, you know what to do.

A.I.M. Grunts - Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hi there. You do realize that the bright-yellow beekeeper look isn't precisely incognito, right?
  • Hawkeye : So do you want to tell us what you're up to? Or should we just skip to the part where we get to beat it out of you?

A.I.M. Grunts - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Those drones wouldn't spill.
  • Director Coulson : Sounds like it's time to find some more drones.
  • Hawkeye : Roger that.

Shocker - Mini Boss Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Oh, they're all coming out to play today. I've got eyes on Shocker and it looks like he is lugging a fistful of Iso-8.
  • Director Coulson : Any idea whether he's with the Syndicate, with A.I.M., or operating solo?
  • Hawkeye : I'll ask.

Shocker - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Shocker : You'll never take me alive, freaks! Ock is paying a fortune for this stuff!
  • Hawkeye : Well that clears that up. Incidentally, you may want to rethink your whole motif before throwing around words like "freaks".

Shocker - After Battle[]

  • Director Coulson : Status?
  • Hawkeye : Shocker split, but we relieved him of the Iso-8.
  • Director Coulson : I don't like this. Well organized or not, the Sinister Six jumped on the Iso-8 fallout awfully fast.
  • Hawkeye : Yeah, and getting out a work-order to Shocker... what did they, post fliers in all the local villain bars?
  • Director Coulson : They were anticipating it. Somehow they knew the Incursion was coming.

Paladin - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Paladin : Hawkeye isn't it? I hear you're a pretty good shot. I think you'll find that I am too.
  • Hawkeye : Is that supposed to be a threat?
  • Paladin : More like self-promotion. A merc's gotta work. I'm thinking carving up an Avenger would be pretty good PR too.

Paladin - After Battle[]

  • Paladin : Look buddy, A.I.M. hired me to run escort on a tech sale, that's all I know!
  • Hawkeye : Weapons?
  • Paladin : No! I don't think so anyway. All kinds of gear, I don't know what it does, I swear! All I know is we were supposed to deliver to some guy named Otto.
  • Director Coulson : Octavius. I'm not a fan of the idea of A.I.M. tech in the hands of the Sinister Six.
  • Hawkeye : Really? I thought it sounded nifty.
  • Director Coulson : Clean out the rest of the A.I.M. forces, Commander. We need to stop as much of that equipment from getting back to Doc Ock as possible.

Mysterio - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Mysterio : Minions of S.H.I.E.L.D., your actions have precipitated a rift in the mystical æther! Withdraw from this city and allow my allies and I to rectify your mistakes.
  • Hawkeye : Just to be clear... everyone else is seeing the dude with the giant fishbowl on his head, yes?
  • Director Coulson : Mysterio.
  • Maria Hill : Is he suggesting that we caused the Incursion?
  • Director Coulson : Who knows? I can never understand that guy's gibberish.
  • Director Coulson : If Mysterio was behind Doctor Octopus's vanishing act, though, I'm willing to bet he can tell us the current location of both Octavius and the missing Iso-8.

Mysterio - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : And.... there's three of them.
  • Mysterio : I, Mysterio, am master of the arcane! It is but a pittance for me to divide my essence beyond the bounds of a single corporeal form.
  • Director Coulson : Don't get caught up in his theatrics, Commander. You need to figure out which one of them is real.

Mysterio - After Battle[]

  • Director Coulson : Did you get him?
  • Hawkeye : Negative, all three of them were fakes. Some kind of high-end animatronics, like they used to use in films. You know... before they started doing everything with CG.
  • Director Coulson : He was baiting us - keeping us occupied. We can't keep letting ourselves get taken by his amateur stage routine. We may need to call in some backup for you, Commander.

Mysterio - Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : I have Mysterio again, and I'm pretty sure this one's the real deal. He's meeting with some of the A.I.M. delivery boys.
  • Maria Hill : If we're going to nab him, we can't afford to let him do his smoke-and-mirror dance on us again.
  • Director Coulson : I made some calls. I think I've got just the guy...
  • Iron Fist : Happy to help, Agents. If I can focus my chi properly, I can heighten my sense to a certain extent. Hopefully that's enough to counter Mysterio's laser-light-show.

Mysterio - Boss Battle[]

  • Iron Fist : Where's Doctor Octopus?
  • Mysterio : If I told you, it would ruin the suspense! The twists, the turns, the excitement! To do the story justice, you must await the proper denouement.
  • Iron Fist : We'll see how you feel about twists and turns when I put my fist through your dome.


  • Iron Fist : Mysterio tried to exit, stage left. I convinced him to stick around for curtain call.

Stand Clear of the Charging Horn[]


  • Hawkeye : Mysterio's in custody, but he won't spill on Octavius.
  • Iron Fist : We may have a more immediate problem - I just heard from Luke. Apparently Rhino is ripping up Grand Central Terminal.
  • Director Coulson : This is a distraction. Has to be. The rest of the Six are buying time for Doctor Octopus to finish whatever it is he's up to.
  • Director Coulson : And with a mother lode of Iso-8, an array of A.I.M. technology, and a seemingly endless supply of villains at disposal, 'what he's up to' has all the ingredients of a really nasty recipe.
  • Iron Fist : Even if it's a diversion, we can't just let Rhino demolish Midtown, can we?
  • Director Coulson : Alright. Danny, stay with Mysterio until a clean-up crew gets there. Commander, take your team to deal with Rhino. I sure hope Spider-Man has some luck tracking Doc Ock, because we're starting to get spread pretty thin.

Living Laser - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Not so fast, light bright. You and your A.I.M. buddies in a rush to get somewhere?
  • Living Laser : The Six owe us a debt. We mean to make sure they're good for it. Now out of the way, or we'll find out just how good those specs of yours are at protecting your delicate retinas.
  • Hawkeye : Ooooh, sorry, the correct answer was "sight-seeing".

Living Laser - Battle Lost[]

  • Living Laser : By mortal standards you may be fast, but I move at the speed of light!

Living Laser - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Laser gave up on getting to Rhino and cut out.
  • Director Coulson : If the Sinister Six still owe A.I.M. for something, you can bet we're not done with them just yet.

Boomerang - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hold on now, you look familiar. Who are you again? Oh... wait for it... it's all coming back to me.
  • Boomerang : Very funny, Archer. Let's see how those pointy sticks of yours hold up against a real weapon.

Boomerang - After Battle[]

  • Director Coulson : What's your status, team?
  • Hawkeye : Boomerang's down, we're proceeding to Grand Central.

Sinister Syndicate Grunts - Mini Boss (Hard) Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Something's up with these goons. They're showing powers.
  • Maria Hill : Iso-8 readings are off the charts.
  • Director Coulson : Common criminals or not, if these guys have been enhanced, there's no telling what they might be capable of. Be careful.

Rhino - Boss Reveal[]

  • Luke Cage : 'Bout time S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up. I was just startin' to get tired of bein' tossed through walls.
  • Hawkeye : Aww, what's the matter, Luke? Big Bad Rhino picking on you?
  • Luke Cage : Look, he's bein' eating his Wheaties or somethin', 'cause I've never seen him this jacked up.
  • Maria Hill : Massive Iso-8 spike coming out of Grand Central.
  • Director Coulson : This is bad. If Rhino's been enhanced, that means Doc Ock has the Iso-8 in play already. We're falling further behind him as we run around putting out brush fires.
  • Luke Cage: And Rhino?
  • Director Coulson : Well, Rhino was a handful to begin with. Good luck.
  • Luke Cage : Sweet Christmas! I've gotta do everythin' myself.

Rhino - Boss Battle[]

  • Rhino : Come here, Power Princess, I want to see how unbreakable that skin really is.
  • Luke Cage : You always run your mouth like that? I can see how you ended up on the endangered species list.


  • Luke Cage : Rhino's down.
  • Director Coulson : Good job. We've got a team headed your way to pick him up.
  • Luke Cage : They better be bringin' a money order. I don't work for free.

Too Many Crooks in the Kitchen[]


  • Director Coulson : No word from Spider-Man, yet. We've taken down a third of the Sinister Six, but we're no closer to nailing Doctor Octopus.
  • Hawkeye : The longer it takes, the more enhanced baddies we're going to be facing. Maybe we should -
  • Iron Fist : <khhh!>.... transport moving Rhino an... <khk> ...ysterio.... <khhhk> power down in the area <khhhk>... <khh> ...mbush! SEND BACKUP! We're <KHHHHHHH>.
  • Luke Cage : Danny?! What's going on over there? Danny!
  • Maria Hill : We've lost contact with him. He was on the transport that was moving Rhino and Mysterio.
  • Director Coulson : Where are they?
  • Maria Hill : Uplinking with StarkSat... They're in Hell's Kitchen. And it looks like there's been a huge power spike on the grid there. The whole neighborhood is dark.
  • Director Coulson : Get your team over there, Commander. The Sinister Six do NOT get away.

Hydra Power Armor - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : I've been here for five minutes and I've already spotted squads of both A.I.M. and Hydra troops.
  • Director Coulson : If one of them set off an EMP, it could explain the blackout.
  • Maria Hill : What is going on? A.I.M. can't have sent that many different groups to trade with Octavius, can they? And Hydra's just popping up haphazardly now?
  • Director Coulson : I don't know. It sure seems like the whole town is going to hell in a hand basket, but our only course of action for the moment seems to be damage control.
  • Director Coulson : Sweep the area of enemy forces, Commander. At this point I don't much care what their affiliation is, we just need to assert some order.

Rhino - Mini Boss (Hard) Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Rhino's free of containment and there's a wall of Hydra goons between us and him. We could use some backup.
  • Daredevil : There's no time. Every second he's loose, innocent people are in danger. He need to be taken down now.

Rhino - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hey, look what escaped from the Central Park Zoo! What's wrong, Rhino, feeding time not to your liking?
  • Rhino : Nah, there weren't no S.H.I.E.L.D. stooges on the menu. C'here bird-boy, I'm gonna eat you alive.
  • Hawkeye : ...
  • Hawkeye : Gross.

Mysterio - Mini Boss Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Mysterio's loose. Looks like he's caught in a pocket of Hydra/A.I..M. fighting, but he's trying to make a run for it.
  • Mysterio : Not for long.

Mysterio - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Refresh my memory, weren't you behind bars?
  • Mysterio : Such mortal contrivances could never hope to contain one such as I--a greatest escape artist there has never been. And for my next trick...
  • Hawkeye : How 'bout for your next trick you try shutting up?

Mysterio - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We have Mysterio again.
  • Daredevil : And Rhino. I want this filth of the streets.
  • Maria Hill : In this case, I agree quite literally. Aerial transport is on its way to pick them up. I don't want to risk the surface roads anymore.

Electro - Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : I see Iron Fist. He's in bad shape. I can't tell if he is...
  • Daredevil : He's unconscious and smells a little singed, but his heart is beating.
  • Director Coulson : What happened to him?
  • Daredevil : Electro. He's still here.
  • Director Coulson : I guess that explains the blackout. The Sinister Six want to hurt our people, they're going to find out that we hurt back. Make him pay, team.

Electro - Boss Battle[]

  • Electro : Daredevil, pawn of S.H.I.E.L.D. now, eh? Didn't think you were the type. What'd they offer you?
  • Daredevil : I don't need much incentive to beat the tar out of lowlifes.


  • Maria Hill : Field team reports Mysterio and Rhino are secure again, and it looks like we bagged ourselves Electro on top of that.
  • Hawkeye : The Sinister Six are going to have to start calling themselves the Threateny Three.

When The Moon Hits Your Eye[]


  • Hawkeye : Thoughts on why Hydra was hunting down A.I.M. through the streets of Hell's Kitchen?
  • Maria Hill : Part of the Sinister Six's plan?
  • Director Coulson : It seemed like an unrelated engagement. Electro was sent in to spring his pals, but neither Hydra nor A.I.M. appeared to have any interest in them.
  • Director Coulson : The problem is Strucker hasn't given us anything yet and we still don't know what Red Skull--
  • Maria Hill : WHOA! We've got a major Iso-8 ping on the scope.
  • Director Coulson : Where?
  • Maria Hill : Empire State University. I think you'd better send the Commander's team to check it out. Reading this high could only come from that lode that Doc Ock stole.
  • Director Coulson : Got him.

Shocker - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : It looks like Shocker is guarding the outside of an ESU Science Lab.
  • Director Coulson : Doc Ock must be using ESU's lab facilities to house his Iso-8 experiments. Get your team in there and shut down his operation, Commander.
  • Hawkeye : It's pretty heavily protected. That may take some time.

Shocker - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Shocker : You might as well turn around now, 'cause you S.H.I.E.L.D. losers ain't gettin' by me, this time.
  • Hawkeye : Being around ESU's campus must be rubbing off on you, Shocker, that's a really sophisticated theory. Why don't we test it.

Shocker - After Battle[]

  • Moon Knight : Well fought, Avenger.
  • Hawkeye : And you are...
  • Moon Knight : I am the Moon Knight. Khonsu dispatched me to this place to rectify an imbalance in the Lunar Energies.
  • Hawkeye : Is this guy for real? Are you for real, guy?
  • Moon Knight : It's also hard not to notice when a non-stop stream of super-powered crooks is pouring out of this university's chemistry lab. Allow me to offer my assistance. Khonsu will guide us to your quarry.
  • Director Coulson : We're glad to have the help, Moon Knight. We need all we can get (Probably).

Living Laser - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hey, glow stick. Fancy meeting you here.
  • Living Laser : We have already been delayed in collecting our debt once, we will not stand for it again. Once we have what we're owed, you can do with Octavius as you please. Interfere before then, and I will burn you to ash.
  • Hawkeye : Thing is... S.H.I.E.L.D.'s not real big on the illegal exchange of deadly technology between maniacal Super Villain groups. So I'm thinking 'interfere' it is.

Living Laser - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Well, that take cares of laser-brain.
  • Director Coulson : Is he in custody?
  • Hawkeye : Well no, he took off.
  • Director Coulson : So... not really taken care of.
  • Hawkeye : Hey, you do know that guys travels at the speed of light, right? He's just a tiny bit faster than me.

Lizard - Boss Battle[]

  • Lizard : Hsssss...? Intrudersssss!
  • Doctor Octopus : I suppose it was only a matter of time before even detectives as dim-witted as you narrowed down our location. I regret to inform you, however, that you're far too late. I already have an ample supply of the Iso-8 serum I've been feeding my faithful.
  • Moon Knight : A shame then that you won't be leaving with it.
  • Doctor Octopus : Oh, quite the contrary, actually. Doctor Conners, if you wouldn't mind?
  • Lizard : Mussst ssstop you!


  • Director Coulson : Is Lizard down?
  • Hawkeye : Negative, he got away. Ock is gone too. He left most of the missing Iso-8 here, though.
  • Director Coulson : We cut off his source, but he still has a healthy supply of the Sinister Serum he was manufacturing. This isn't over yet.

The Sinister Serum[]


  • Spider-Man : Guys, I've got the Sinister Six... well, what's left of them. They're in Union Square. And by "I've got them" I mean, I totally don't got 'em and need help right away. If you're not busy or anything.
  • Director Coulson : Team's on it's way, Spidey.

Lizard - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Spider-Man : Doctor Conners, please listen to me! Innocent people will be hurt unless we stop Octavius!
  • Spider-Man : Aww, Doc, what did they do to you? Go easy on him guys, he's not himself.
  • Hawkeye : Oh... yeah, he's normally such a friendly half-human lizard monster.

Lizard - After Battle[]

  • Spider-Man : Lizard is down.
  • Director Coulson : Good work.
  • Spider-Man : Make sure he gets treatment. This wasn't just an average transformation. The Sinister Six are influencing his actions somehow.
  • Director Coulson : Could be a side-effect of Ock's Serum. We'll look into it.

Doctor Octopus - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Doctor Octopus : The lot of you don't seem to understand when you're beaten.
  • Hawkeye: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you actually have to do some beating first before you can beat something, no?
  • Doctor Octopus : Fool. While you've been throwing punches at pawns, I've been maneuvering for checkmate. You'll find this explosive quite capable of aerosolizing enough of my Iso-8 serum to blanket a 100 mile radius.
  • Director Coulson : You're insane,Ock! That kind of fallout would transform the population of half of New York into super-humans. What could you possibly gain from that?
  • Doctor Octopus : Those exposed to the serum find themselves peculiarly susceptible to the right kind of suggestion. My suggestion. An interesting side effect, don't you agree? Withdraw your forces from Manhattan and yield the city. I've won.
  • Director Coulson : Agree to disagree. Take him down, team.

Doctor Octopus - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Ock is down, but we're not out of this yet. There's still a bomb to diffuse and by my count we also still don't have a full set of six psychos in custody.

Electro - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Electro : I was hoping for a rematch. Stand still, I want to show you what thirty thousand volts feels like.
  • Hawkeye : You do know that the world is in an energy crisis, right? You ever consider turning over a new leaf? Maybe getting a day job as a rechargeable battery? You might like it.
  • Electro : My current employer pays far better.
  • Hawkeye : I don't know... have you tried buying batteries lately?

Green Goblin - Boss Battle[]

  • Spider-Man : Ock wanted Manhattan, what are you after, Gobby?
  • Green Goblin : Actually, Nada. I just think it would be fun to see the bomb go boom. Nothing like a little super-human fallout to liven up a week! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


  • Spider-Man : I've defused the Iso-8 bomb. I think we're in the clear, guys.
  • Hawkeye : Not bad for a day's work.