Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia

Mission 1 - Quick Fix[]


  • Hawkeye : Strike team one, we're on the ground in Barbuda. Ready to proceed.
  • Director Coulson : Team two, what's your status?
  • Captain Marvel : Strike two, making another pass over the north shore. We spotted what look like Hydra landing craft moving in formation towards the beaches.
  • Director Coulson : Well, would ya look at that. Guess we picked the right time to plan this little excursion.
  • Director Coulson : Carol, have your team break off and intercept their landing parties. Commander, proceed on mission. Get your team inside A.I.M.'s R&D labs. Let's see if we can't find out just what Hydra's after.

Paladin - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : All routes into the R&D facility are pretty heavily guarded, and it looks like A.I.M. has spared no expense on their hired help.

Paladin - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Paladin : You lost, friend?
  • Hawkeye : Well, actually... maybe you could point us towards whoever's in charge.
  • Paladin : Oh sure, no problem. Just drop your weapons and put your hands behind your head.
  • Hawkeye : ...
  • Hawkeye : Boring conversation anyway.

Paladin - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We need some answers. Start talking.
  • Paladin : Look, I don't know anything about Hydra. I only dealt with Octavius!
  • Hawkeye : Then tell us about that. What kind of tech was A.I.M. supplying to the Sinister Six?
  • Paladin : I don't know, I swear! I've learned not to ask questions. But you can ask them yourselves. The Six are here. They were brought in not long ago - heard the higher ups had some experiments lined up for them.

Living Laser - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Living Laser : This is a restricted area. I don't suppose you have proper identification on you?
  • Hawkeye : Must have left it in my other quiver.
  • Living Laser : Good.

Living Laser - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Alright, we're in. Now to find someone knowledgeable.

Blizzard - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Captain Marvel : The Hydra landing craft we spotted were part of an advanced party. Looks like they were sent to secure the beachhead for a larger contingent to follow. Any luck on what they're after?
  • Hawkeye : We haven't run into anyone that can tell us. At least not in English. These A.I.M. eggheads spew nothing but techno-garble.
  • Captain Marvel : I'll send you Hank Pym from my team. He's good at translating that sort of stuff.

Blizzard - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Blizzard : Freeze!
  • Hawkeye : Please tell me that's your catchphrase.
  • Blizzard : You are trespassing on government property. I'll give you exactly one second to turn around and walk away.

Blizzard - After Battle[]

  • Captain Marvel : Pym, did you locate the other team?
  • Hank Pym : Sorry, I stopped to get directions from an ant. I'm with them now, Carol.
  • Hank Pym : At your disposal, Commander.
  • Hawkeye : Alright, just keep your head down, Pym.
  • Hank Pym : 300 micrometres down to the floor good enough for you?

Fixer - Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : There's another officer up ahead. High ranking, I'd say, based on the number of beekeepers scurrying to do his bidding. Uploading visual.
  • Director Coulson : That's Fixer. A.I.M. recently appointed him head of their engineering division. If anyone here is going to have the info we need, odds are it'll be him.
  • Hank Pym : I'll go have a chat.

Fixer - Boss Battle[]

  • Fixer : Ah, the S.H.I.E.L.D. detachment. Our security forces must have over-performed. I expected you several minutes ago.
  • Hank Pym : S.H.I.E.L.D.? We're not... I mean to say, this group here... we have no affiliation...
  • Fixer : Save your breath. I've been monitoring your communications since you landed. You didn't really think to go undetected infiltrating the most advanced research facility on the planet?
  • Hank Pym : Look, if you've been listening, then you know why we're here. Tell us what you sold Hydra and we'll get out of your hair. Err... no offense.
  • Fixer : I'm afraid we have rather strict non-disclosure policies. As for your little trespass, I think it's high time the over-reaching autocrats at S.H.I.E.L.D. were taught a lesson.


  • Hank Pym : Feeling any chattier now?
  • Fixer : Fine. I suppose it matters little at his point. Ninety-three hours ago, Hydra initiated purchase from us of PT-0439, a prototype particle transference matrix.
  • Hank Pym : A... siphon for dimensional energy? Then... the Incursion in Manhattan--it wasn't a coincidence Hydra had a front row seat. They knew it was coming.
  • Fixer : We hadn't completed testing on it yet, but, as you suspect, the Siphon was fully capable of detecting variances in trans-dimensional energy. It's real purpose, of course, was to harness that energy.
  • Hank Pym : ...tapping into an Incursion like a spigot in a maple tree. What kind of output are we talking?
  • Fixer : The energy generated by momentarily fusing together two realities? Suffice it to say it dwarfs any previously observed celestial event.

Mission 2 - Arms Race[]


  • Scientist Supreme : THIS IS A GENERAL ALERT! Hydra forces have entered the base, repeat Hydra forces have entered the base.
  • Scientist Supreme : All security personnel report for assignment. Research personnel initiate experiment lockdown procedures.
  • Director Coulson : Hydra's main assault force just landed on the island, Commander. Captain Marvel's team is working on slowing their advance, but they must have snuck an entire group past our lines.
  • Hawkeye : Red Skull's going all out.
  • Hank Pym : Not surprising. If he's able to find what he needs to get that Incursion Siphon running, it's hard to overstate how much raw power he'll have at his disposal. We're talking a significant fraction of the Big Bang.
  • Director Coulson : That can't happen. Do what you need to do, Commander, but keep A.I.M.'s tech out of Hydra's hands.

Bowman - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : We've got a shoot-out up ahead. Looks like Hydra and A.I.M. aren't getting along. Why don't we settle things down?

Bowman - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Bowman : Of course it would have to be you.
  • Hawkeye : What'd you expect? If you Hydra slimeballs are going to keep pumping out cheap knock-offs, sooner or later you're gonna get sued for copyright infringement.

Bowman - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Consider yourselves served.
  • Director Coulson : Watch your backs. If Bowman's there, you can be pretty confident his other Hydra Four pals won't be far away.

Tactical Force - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Tactical Force is trying to hack into one of A.I.M.'s server banks.
  • Director Coulson : He may be able to use A.I.M.'s own resources to pinpoint what they're looking for. Shut him down.

Tactical Force - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Anything we can help you look up or are you just browsing?
  • Tactical Force : More like window shopping.
  • Hawkeye : Great. Just let me know when you're ready to get rung up.

Tactical Force - After Battle[]

  • Tactical Force : Cut off one head and two more shall take its place!

Militant - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Militant just took down an entire division of A.I.M. security troops up ahead. Not that I feel particularly bad for them, but we may want to intervene before the beekeepers have to change their acronym to Astonishingly Injured Maniacs.

Militant - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Militant : S.H.I.E.L.D.. Good, I was hoping for a workout today.
  • Hawkeye : Glad we could accommodate you.

Militant - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Militant was holding a choke point along this corridor. That means he was buying time for somebody else. We're not done here yet.

Hammer - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Step aside, blondey. 'less you want us to go through you to get to those charges.
  • Hammer : You shall not pass!
  • Hawkeye : Sure, Thor-dalf. Seriously? That was your best Asgardian impression?
  • Hammer : Shut up!

Hammer - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : The charges are defused. Looks like the same kind of electro-magnetic tech that runs Hammer's Mjolnir knock-off.
  • Director Coulson : An EMP burst would wreak havoc with all of the electrical systems and volatile experiments in that place. Better do another sweep when you get a chance and make sure that was the only cache.

A.I.M. Grunts - Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : You know... stopping Hydra would be a lot easier if A.I.M. would help out a little instead of just constantly getting in our way.
  • Hawkeye : Then again, I guess they wouldn't really qualify as 'mad scientists' if they were masters of foresight and understanding.

Crimson Dynamo - Boss Battle[]

  • Crimson Dynamo : Invaders, you go no further!
  • War Machine : There are more important battles to be fought right now, Dynamo. Hydra's the real threat here!
  • Crimson Dynamo : I have my orders. Intruders are to be destroyed - Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. alike.
  • War Machine : There's a 20mm Vulcan Cannon and a full rack of incendiary missiles that may have something to say about that.

Mission 3 - Ghost in the Machine[]


  • Director Coulson : Let's get you out of that facility, gang, there's not much left for you to do down there.
  • War Machine : Copy that. We can punch through to - WHAT THE...! <khhhhhhk>.
  • Director Coulson : Rhodes? Colonel Rhodes! Report!
  • Black Widow : ::Cough, Cough:: Stand by. EMP just went off in here. Blew out most of the electrical systems.
  • Hawkeye : And War Machine. We're gonna need to give him a sec to run a hard reboot. Assuming he's still conscious in there.
  • Captain Marvel : Strucker! Damn it!! He was right here. We had him. We had him dead to rights until that blast went off.
  • Director Coulson : Don't kick yourself, Carol. Hydra must have been planning to cover their retreat with that EMP all along. Commander, you need to cut off Strucker's extraction. Don't let him get off that island.

Army of Ultron - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : It's chaos down here, Chief. The EMP must have knocked out all of A.I.M.'s safety and containment system - there are experiments running around all over the place.
  • Director Coulson : Hawkeye, your visual feed - turn back, ninety degrees left. There! Tell me that isn't what I think it is.
  • Hawkeye : It's not what you think it is.
  • Director Coulson : Okay, good. Because for a second it looked like A.I.M. had been running a terrible ill-advised experiment with Ultron A.I. that they had lost control of.
  • Hawkeye : Mmm. Never mind.

Army of Ultron - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : The Ultron is down.
  • Director Coulson : That ate up time we didn't have. I can't believe A.I.M. would be reckless enough to go down that road. Even they should realize that Ultron is a Pandora's Box.
  • Hawkeye : Yeah, because they have shown such good judgement in the past.

Electro - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Electro : You! I'm going to fry you where you stand for this!
  • Hawkeye : How is this our fault?
  • Electro : Oh, don't worry. When I'm done with you, I'm going to find Octavius and do the same to him for ever getting me to join him. Then Goblin. Then every single mustard-suited nerd in this place!

Electro - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Electro's down. I feel sorta bad. (Well, almost... he did try to kill us just now.) But we can't spare the time to drag him out of here. And you know A.I.M.'s not going to let him go.
  • Director Coulson : Electro chose his fate when he got in bed with the Sinister Six. Nothing we can do about it now. We've got bigger fish to fry.

Green Goblin - Mini Boss (Hard) Battle[]

  • Green Goblin : I spy with my little eye something yellow and dead and explodey all over!
  • Hawkeye : At least he's focusing on the A.I.M. staff and not us.
  • Green Goblin : Oh, by the way, the yellow eyes of this mask may be throwing my sense of color off just a teensy bit. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Green Goblin - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We're past Goblin. If we can avoid run-ins with any more super-powered maniacs, that would be swell.

Ghost - Boss Reveal[]

  • Black Widow : Clint, I could use some backup here.
  • Director Coulson : Widow, do you have Strucker?
  • Black Widow : No, I have some kind of invisible super-stalker trying to take my head off.
  • Hawkeye : Hang on, 'Tasha, we're coming.

Ghost - Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : A.I.M. or Hydra?
  • Black Widow : Not really sure. Why don't you ask him?
  • Ghost : I answer to myself. Though I suppose you could say I currently share certain interests with the A.I.M. benefactors who made me what I am.


  • Black Widow : Ghost withdrew. Went intangible and phased through the floor.
  • Hawkeye : Let's hope he's going after Hydra. Fighting someone you can't see or touch is not my favorite.

Mission 4 - The Gravity of the Situation[]


  • Black Widow : Strucker's heading for the Hydra landing craft. I'm moving to intercept.
  • Hawkeye : Go! We'll cover you.

Blizzard - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Back off, snow flake, we've got places to be.
  • Blizzard : The only place you're goin' is a freezer at the morgue.

Blizzard - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We've bypassed Blizzard, but Strucker's rear-guard is moving up to cut us off. What's your status, Natasha?
  • Black Widow : Busy!

Army of Ultron - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Bad news, team. Apparently we didn't finish Ultron. The last one's bigger, badder step-brother just collapsed a building in our way. We're cut off from you, Widow.
  • Black Widow : Understood. I'm pinned down, but I have Strucker's position. Requesting air support.
  • Maria Hill : Airstrike inbound on your designation, Widow.
  • Director Coulson : We'll deal with Hydra, Commander. You take care of Ultron.

Army of Ultron - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Mega-Ultron is down, but I get the feeling that wasn't the last of them.
  • Black Widow : Sounds lovely, but I'm really much more concerned about that air support I'm supposed to be getting.
  • Director Coulson : Bravo Wing is arriving on target momentarily.

Graviton - Boss Reveal[]

  • Maria Hill : Sir, Bravo Wing just dropped off the scope! The whole flight group is downed! I'm getting massive gravitational disruption on the island.
  • Black Widow : We're going to lose Strucker, again!
  • Director Coulson : What could have done that? What are we dealing with?
  • Hawkeye : Uh, guys... I think it's less of a 'what' and more of a 'who'.

Graviton - Boss Battle[]

  • Graviton : The invasion of A.I.M. island ends now!
  • Hawkeye : Oh, hey T'Challa, nice of you to join us. I think you're just in time for something really awful.
  • Black Panther : Captain Marvel thought you might need some extra assistance. It looks as though she was not in error.


  • Hawkeye : Okay, I admit... I'm a little surprised that that worked. But I'm not complaining.
  • Director Coulson : Tag him with a GPS tracker. We'll try to extract him if we can. Right now we have more pressing concerns.
  • Black Panther : Natasha, where are you now?
  • Black Widow : In some pain. Strucker took off the second Graviton went down. I made a play for him, but that turned out to be not the best idea. We lost him again.

Mission 5 - Putting the 'A.I.' in 'A.I.M.'[]


  • Captain Marvel : S.H.I.E.L.D. Command, all teams are holding at the exfil sight, ready for extraction.
  • Maria Hill : Quinjets are en route, Major.
  • Scientist Supreme : A.I.M. personnel, this is your Scientist Supreme. The Ultron A.I. has spread to Production Facility 03. Drop what you're doing and report to your supervisor for demolitions assignments.
  • Hawkeye : Why do I get the feeling I'm about to not-get-on a Quinjet.
  • Hank Pym : Ultron is too dangerous. We can't just sit by and let it spread through all of A.I.M.'s systems.
  • Director Coulson : Commander, your team is in better shape to deal with this situation, I'm sending you back in. Carol, hold down the extraction site so we can get your injured people out of there.

Fixer - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Look's like Fixer's got some new friends.
  • Director Coulson : The Ultrons must have hacked his implants. If you've got tech on you, keep a close eye on it.

Fixer - Boss Battle[]

  • Fixer : Commence Termination!

Fixer - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Fixer's down, but it looks like the Ultron A.I. has taken over the entire manufacturing apparatus of this factory. The assembly lines have been reconfigured to pump out replicants.

Living Laser - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Captain Marvel : The Quinjets are only a couple minutes out. I can spare someone from my team to give you a hand, Commander. I'm sending Spider-Woman to rendez-vous with your squad.
  • Hawkeye : We could use a helping hand. We just ran into Living Laser, and he's going nuts - just lashing out all around himself.

Living Laser - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Living Laser : You're not getting inside my head, robots! You hear me!! You can't have my brain!!
  • Hawkeye : You have a brain?

Living Laser - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Whelp... Laser's lights are out. Hope the Ultrons don't eat his brain while he's sleeping.

Scientist Supreme - Boss Battle[]

  • Scientist Supreme : We need to hamper Ultron's raw material processing. Tell team four to knock out the power transferers at junction ten. Now, as to Hydra...
  • Scientist Supreme : They must have what they need to repower the Tesseract. See that M.O.D.O.K. is informed immediately. Which brings us to S.H.I.E.L.D...
  • Spider-Woman : Yeah, it sure does.


  • Spider-Woman : I think we've knocked some sense into the Scientist Supreme. He's granted us access to the A.I..M. mainframe.
  • Hank Pym : I'll get to work on installing counter-code into the A.I.M. systems. We may still have to deal with the existing replicants by hand, but we should at least be able to cut off their production mechanism.

Mission 6 - Designed Only For Killing[]


  • Captain Marvel : Wounded are clear of the LZ. I'm on my way to your squad with the rest of my team, Commander.

Crimson Dynamo - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Crimson Dynamo : Not again! Somebody get me out of this armor!
  • Hawkeye : Yeah... we'll see what we can do.

Crimson Dynamo - After Battle[]

  • Captain Marvel : The Dynamo armor's been disabled. How are we doing on that network, Pym? Any luck countering Ultron?
  • Hank Pym : Progress? Yes. Luck? Not exactly. Their systems are now showing a huge diversion of power being shunted into a reciprocal resistance loop in the grid. It's creating an exponential feedback cascade.
  • Hawkeye : And in English?
  • Hank Pym : Someone's trying to blow up the island.
  • Hawkeye : Uh, guys... what happened to the Scientist Supreme?

Scientist Supreme - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Going somewhere?
  • Scientist Supreme : Yes! Off the island! As fast as possible.
  • Hawkeye : I don't think so. Not until you tell us how to stop the little meltdown you set off.
  • Scientist Supreme : You don't understand, I didn't do this. It can't be undone!

Scientist Supreme - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : We nabbed the Scientist Supreme again, but the power surge isn't him. He seems terrified enough at his point to tell us.
  • Director Coulson : No, and it's not Ultron's work either. It's M.O.D.O.K.. Carol just spotted him evacuating with an contingent of A.I.M. scientists. She's moving to engage. Get your team over there as soon as you can, Commander.

M.O.D.O.K. - Boss Battle[]

  • Captain Marvel : M.O.D.O.K.! If this chain reaction goes critical, the entire island will go critical. Thousands of civilians will die! Tens of thousands of your own people!
  • Captain Marvel : You'll forgive me if I don't quite share your pessimism.
  • M.O.D.O.K. : I WON'T!


  • Captain Marvel : Tell us how to stop this!
  • Captain Marvel : I thought you liked deadliness!
  • Hank Pym : Carol! I've pinpointed the epicentre of the energy cascade. As long as you release a constant photonic burst, you may be able to use your power to absorb and redirect enough of the energy to prevent meltdown.
  • Captain Marvel : I'm on it!
  • Director Coulson : Hill, signal all team leaders to regroup at Avengers Tower. Now that A.I.M. and the Ultron issue are under wraps, we need to figure out what to do about Hydra.