Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia

The Middle of Knowhere[]


  • Hawkeye : One minute we're snug at HQ, getting debriefed on the A.I.M. Island mission, the next thing you know we're in the middle of an outer space shoot-out.
  • Captain Marvel : Do we have any idea what the Kree want? Or where we are for that matter.
  • Star-Lord : No and Knowhere, respectively.
  • Hank Pym : Nowhere? We have to be somewhere.
  • Star-Lord : No, Knowhere. It's-- oh come on, it's like the third most famous space-outpost-carved-out-of-a-giant-alien's-head there is. We Guardians of the Galaxy like to think of it as home base... although technically the leasing office doesn't share that assessment.
  • Captain America : Head's up, people. We have hostiles moving in on our three. Is the Commander's tactical link still active?
  • Iron Man : All system's go. And barely any lag, I might add.
  • Captain America : Alright. Commander, you call the shots on attacking the main group. The rest of the team will intercept the flankers.

Kree Empire Soldiers - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Damn, I lost track of the other half of the team while we were waist-deep in Kree.
  • Hawkeye : Hawkeye to Team 2, do you copy?
  • Hawkeye : Panther? Pym? Anybody?
  • Star-Lord : I saw a Kree nega-charge go off on their side. May have scrambled their gear.
  • Hawkeye : Looks like we're on our own for now. What's the plan, Chief?

Kree Sentry Robot - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Star-Lord : Whoa. dude. It is not cool to be operating a class ten particle cannon in a civilian area. Hey, who's Sentry unit is this? Hello? You can't park here!
  • Star-Lord : Viol-- I'll give you a violation bucket-head! (And I'm half Spartoi.) Go get him, guys!

Kree Sentry Robot - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Well that was fun. Is this kind of thing par for the course around here, or...?
  • Star-Lord : No, this is bad. Even more unusually bad then, well, usual.
  • Star-Lord : We've had alarms and security alerts all morning, Adam Warlock has been yelling in my ear about apocalyptic trans-dimensional something or other, and Rocket...
  • Star-Lord : Well I wasn't actually listening to what Rocket said, but it sounded like more bad stuff. Knowhere is pretty much going nuts.
  • Hawkeye : And... no idea why?
  • Star-Lord : Well not yet. I guess we should probably ask the next guys instead of just blowing them up.

A.I.M. Grunts - Battle Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Are those A.I.M. beekeepers? What are they doing here?

A.I.M. Grunts - Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Did I ever tell you guys how much I like the look? Yellow is such a happy color.

A.I.M. Grunts - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : They didn't seem to have any clue what's going on here - no more than we do. Guess if we want answers we'll have to keep looking.

Bowman - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : That's Bowman up ahead, which means Hydra's here too, Boy, I'm starting to feel more and more at home.

Bowman - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hey, I remember this episode. You are supposed to have a goatee, though, aren't you?
  • Bowman : Very funny. After we schooled both you and those A.I.M. dweebs, I didn't expect to see you again any time soon.
  • Hawkeye : Sorry to disappoint.
  • Bowman : On the contrary. This is going to be a pleasure.

Bowman - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : So, Bowman, I'm thinking you know something about our current little predicament here. Spill it.
  • Bowman : The Hydra invasion force from the attack on A.I.M. Island was maybe twenty minutes out from home base--I was in the middle of a nice little nap--when we suddenly popped up here.
  • Bowman : I take it we don't have you to thank for that?
  • Hawkeye : Flattering that you'd think of us, but no. If you've got nothing more useful to say, why don't you finish up that nap.

Tanalth The Pursuer - Boss Battle[]

  • Tanalth The Pursuer : Humans of Earth, you have information that -
  • Star-Lord : Hey! HEY! I'm talking to you! Yeah, Blue, you! What exactly do you Kree think you're doing here?
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : Watch your tongue. You're speaking to a ranking member of the Kree Pursuer Corps.
  • Star-Lord : I don't really care if you're Grand Poobah of the Horsehead Nebula, lady. You can't just come marching in here and start shooting up the place.
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : Or can I?
  • Star-Lord : Or... or can you? Ah, good question. Let me look up the bylaws and get back to you on that.


  • Star-Lord : If you're done strutting your ego, how about an explanation? Knowhere is independent. The Kree know better than to meddle here.
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : At 14:37 Hala-Standard Time, an interdimensional Incursion struck the Imperial City, drawing in twenty three city blocks, an entire legion of elite troops, and our ruler, The Supreme Intelligence.
  • Hawkeye : An Incursion? Then... they're not just an Earth problem?
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : Indeed not. The fifteenth of its kind on the home planet alone. We've recorded over 33,000 within the borders of the Empire.
  • Star-Lord : What does any of that have to do with Knowhere?
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : Knowhere is anchored along the edge of a tear in space-time, known as The Rip. This allows you to view phenomena throughout not only our Universe, but alternate dimensions as well.
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : From here, the effects of the Incursions can be observed fully. Their solution can be sought out and attained. And it will be.
  • Star-Lord : So... You're just doing this? You couldn't have, like, asked first? You seem to be forgetting one critical little detail, pumpkin--Knowhere is home to the Guardians of The Galaxy. If you're planning to take over the station, you're going to have to go through us!
  • Tanalth The Pursuer : And?
  • Star-Lord : Nah, that was pretty much the whole pitch.

Another Quadrant Heard From[]


  • Star-Lord : Sorry to shoot and run, guys, but I need to go deal with this Kree situation before it gets out of hand. Well... more out of hand.
  • Hawkeye : So what are we supposed to do? We're sort of stuck here and we still don't even know why.
  • Star-Lord : Well, Rocket tells me there's another group of Avengers getting shelled down in the marketplace. They with you?
  • Hawkeye : Probably.
  • Star-Lord : Maybe you could swing down there and see that they don't cause too much collateral damage? I'm sure they have good intentions, but if I'm gonna go through all the trouble of taking Knowhere back from the Kree, I'd really rather it still be in one piece.

Wraith - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Is it something we said? I mean seriously, did we do something to tick off every alien in this dump?

Wraith - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Hey, we don't want any trouble.
  • Wraith : I guess it's too bad that I was hired to make trouble for you, then, isn't it?

Wraith - After Battle[]

  • Wraith : Just a word to the wise... this isn't over. I always complete a contract.
  • Hawkeye : Duly noted. Now, if you don't mind, we're just going to step over your well-trashed hide and continue on our merry way.

Yondu - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : If Star-Lord's tip was good, the rest of our group should be somewhere in this area.
  • Hawkeye : We need to get the team back together and get of this rock (or whatever this place is made of) before any more cranky aliens decide to use us for target practice.

Yondu - Mini Boss Battle[]

  • Yondu : You goin' somewhere? 'Cause we was just gettin' ready ta settle up. See, bunch o' yer human buddies got in a little scrap with some Kree.
  • Hawkeye : You've seen the other Avengers?
  • Yondu : May be that I have. Here's the thing though, see, it's all well an' good beatin' up on them Kree. Nobody much likes them 'round here. Not good for business.
  • Yondu : What's not so fine an' dandy is blowin' up the item I was supposed to be sellin' to the big cat. He's not so pleased, no sir. Can't say I am neither.
  • Hawkeye : Look, pal, we don't know what you're talking about and we don't much care, so if you'll--
  • Yondu : I don't think yer listenin' to me. I lost a lot o' money on that deal, and I mean to take it out on your hide. So you better ready up.

Yondu - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : Now, about the other Avengers...
  • Yondu : They was headin' toward the spaceport. You never gonna get off Knowhere alive, you best know that. Not if the big cat has somethin' ta say 'bout it.

Titus - Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Excuse us, can anyone point us in the direction of the spaceport?
  • Titus : What's your rush?
  • Hawkeye : Hey you're a... huh, you're actually a big cat. Like, in the literal sense.
  • Titus : Why don't you stick around a minute. I'd like to pick your brain over a particularly rare, particularly expensive item that was owed to me.
  • Titus : One that I understand was destroyed, when your friends came blasting through here a short time ago.

Titus - Boss Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : Drax! Did Star-Lord send you? It'd be swell if you could lend us a hand right about now.
  • Drax : I will not loan you either of my hands! I like the way they are attached to me with muscle and bone. Why do you not use your own hands?
  • Hawkeye : Oh, right. Good idea. So... completely unrelated question: would you like to use your hands to fight alongside us for the purpose of beating up a large alien cat?
  • Drax : I would enjoy this very much.


  • Star-Lord : Drax, Cosmo could use a hand securing the Cortex. That is, if you're done fooling around done there.
  • Drax : I have not been fooling anyone, Peter Quill. I have been openly fighting a very serious battle with a large cat creature.
  • Star-Lord : Yeah, I know, Drax, I was - ugh - never mind. Just get up to the Cortex.
  • Drax : I am on my way. A amusing battle, my friends! Until next time!

Live Long and Flower[]


  • Star-Lord : Sorry about the whole Yondu/Titus thing, gang. Those guys can be prickly sometimes. The good news is: we're like 9% closer to retaking the Continuum Cortex from the Kree.
  • Hawkeye : I get the feeling there's a follow up here, involving bad news.
  • Star-Lord : Heh, well, about that... it's sounding like the Kree may have unleashed another Sentry unit in the Marketplace. If you guys wouldn't mind tidying that up on your way to the Spaceport, that would be swell.
  • Hawkeye : I don't suppose we have a choice?
  • Star-Lord : Yeah... pretty sure you don;t. I mean, you could always try ducking and running between it's legs--I heard that worked one time for this one guy. Although, come to think of it, he may have been a shapeshifter. And that may have been a Ba-Bani Sentry...
  • Hawkeye : I think we'll take our chances in combat.

Kree Empire Soldiers - Battle Beginning[]

  • Hawkeye : More Kree. At least it looks like we're on the right track... judging by the Vibranium claw marks in their armor, I think it's a safe bet the other Avengers have already been through here.

Kree Sentry Robot - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : Hey Quill, I think we found that other Sentry.
  • Star-Lord : Great! Okay, now if you could just try to keep the volume down on the fighting, we've been getting a lot of noise complaints from the local clientèle.
  • Hawkeye : Oh, yeah, no problem. Hold on, I think I've got a stealth arrow in here somewhere.
  • Star-Lord : Look, I really am sorry that you guys have to deal with this (well, approaching sorry anyway.) So I've asked Groot to lend you a hand. Err, twig, or whatever. He was in the neighborhood and I just thought, hey, you guys should get together. Have some laughs. Challenge the Kree Empire.
  • Groot : I AM GROOT!
  • Star-Lord : And there ya go! Good luck with the killer robot.

'Kree Sentry Robot - Mini Boss Battle'[]

  • Hawkeye : Sure. No problem.

Kree Sentry Robot - After Battle[]

  • Kree Sentry Robot : <ZKH> DisTREss... beACOn <KZZZH> ... ACti... <KJJZzzz>
  • Hawkeye : Cleanup on aisle 3.

A.I.M. Mecho-Trooper - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Star-Lord : You've got some more Kree leadership headed your direction. You guys mind helping out again? That'd be swell.
  • Hawkeye : Sure. I mean... we've got nothing better to do like try to find the rest of our team, find a way home, and get away from all homicidal aliens.
  • Star-Lord : Look, I really am sorry that you guys have to deal with this (well, approaching sorry anyway.) So I've asked Groot to lend you a hand. Err, twig, or whatever. He was in the neighborhood and I just thought, hey, you guys should get together. Have some laughs. Challenge the Kree Empire.
  • Groot : I AM GROOT!
  • Star-Lord : And there ya go! Don't die!

A.I.M. Mecho-Trooper - After Battle[]

  • Hawkeye : A.I.M. guys are done. Do I have a minute to browse? I want to see if these guys sells anti-matter arrowheads.

Korath The Pursuer - Boss Battle[]

  • Korath The Pursuer : Avengers. And... tree thing.
  • Hawkeye : That's Groot.
  • Groot : I am! (Groot.)
  • Korath The Pursuer : Yes, I've heard of you. All of you. Your transference to Knowhere was painless, I take it?
  • Hawkeye : Oh, no, I'd say it's been a bit of a pain. Do we have you to thank for that?
  • Korath The Pursuer : A mistake, I think. It has become clear that you are not the ones who possess what we are pursuing.
  • Hawkeye : Great, then why don't you be a pal and send us home?
  • Korath The Pursuer : I had a... different solution in mind.


  • Hawkeye : You've got about twenty seconds to say something useful before I put you down.
  • Korath The Pursuer : At chronal index 59327.1 the Kree Battle Cruiser Bel-Dann, while docked at his station, detected the commencement of an Incursion in sector 510 Delta. On the planet Earth.
  • Hawkeye : Yeah, we've been having some trouble with those lately.
  • Korath The Pursuer : Mere seconds later, that Incursion was prematurely dissipated. By human technology. The greatest minds in the Kree Empire have been unable to replicate this affect.
  • Hawkeye : So, what? You decided to go straight to the source? To kidnap everyone who could possibly have any information about it? Well I hate to break it to you, bud, but we can't help you.
  • Korath The Pursuer : No, you cannot. The ones who can help us, they call themselves... Hydra.

Baptism by Fur[]


  • Rocket Raccoon : There's the rest of your lot. See? I told you heading towards the explosions wasn't such a bad idea.
  • Hank Pym : Not to quibble, but when you said that, the explosions were coming directly at us.
  • Hawkeye : Hey, it's that talking raccoon! What's his name? Rocky? And he's got the other Avengers.
  • Rocket Raccoon : Yep, saved their skins too when a giant floating head and his living gravity hell of a buddy came blasting through here.
  • Black Panther : M.O.D.O.K. and Graviton. They stole a spacecraft and escaped.
  • Hawkeye : One less headache if you ask me.
  • Captain Marvel : Now that we've got everyone back together, I say we start working on a way home. Not that I haven't enjoyed this Kree reunion and all...
  • Iron Man : Kreeunion! Can we coin that? Hmm, uh, table that for a second. Huge energy spike comin' from thataway. Something very not-good.
  • Rocket Raccoon : ::hsss:: Chitauri. They're most definitely not supposed to be here. Most inhabited star systems won't even let a Chitauri vessel pass within a hundred light-years of their space.

Church of Truth - Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : The Chitauri are down.
  • Iron Man : It's too late! Everyone get back! It's gonna...

Church of Truth - Battle Beginning[]

  • Captain America : There are too many to fight at once. Commander, pick your team and focus on choking up that entry point. The rest will split up and cover the flanks.
  • Hawkeye : These guys are fanatics! Where did they come from?

Church of Truth - Mini Boss Reveal[]

  • Hawkeye : We put a dent in the first wave, but there are more right behind them.

Cardinal Raker - Boss Reveal[]

  • Captain America : There! Their leadership. If we can take him out, maybe we can convince his followers to go back where they came from!
  • Rocket Raccoon : Mine!

Cardinal Raker - Boss Battle[]

  • Cardinal Raker : Do not impede our way. Join the Universal Church of Truth! Follow our path. The path that was foretold!
  • Rocket Raccoon : Look, crackpot, if you're looking for saviours, you're shopping in the wrong spot. We've got mostly thieves and smugglers.


  • Rocket Raccoon : My friends here think we can strong-arm you into shepherding the rest of your hangers-on back through that hole in space-time they oozed out of. That interest you, or do I get to start cutting pieces off?
  • Cardinal Raker : You myopic infidel... strike me down and you only create a martyr. The Church's disciples will not rest until they have found their one true leader... Their Saviour. The one called Adam Warlock.
  • Rocket Raccoon : Whoa, whoa, whoa. Warlock? You think Warlock is your saviour? man, what kind of twisted alternate reality did you bozos fall out of?
  • Hawkeye : Well, if their so-called Saviour is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, why don't we just have Star-Lord send him down here and tell them to go away?
  • Star-Lord : Yeah, copy that. Adam's already on his way to you.
  • Iron Man : This is great and all, but I'm actually more concerned about the Incursion itself. When that thing winks out, it's going to take a chunk of this space station with it. And then, well... does "explosive decompression" mean anything to you?
  • Captain America : We need to find Hydra.
  • Star-Lord : I think possibly I can help you on that front too.

To Be Continuumed[]