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The Daily PVP Reward is a feature that was released as part of PVP Tournament 01: Angela in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. It was first introduced to the game on January 1, 2016.

Winning the first 3 battles per day automatically triggers the Daily PVP Reward, which is randomly predetermined from 9 options. Players can have option to respin by paying 5 Gold Gold to get another chance to "Open Another" and select another Reward.

The Daily PVP Reward resets daily.


With Patch 1.3.0, the Daily PVP Reward was updated to include the new Power Cells.

With PVP Tournament 03: Miles Morales, the Daily PVP Reward was changed and including now PVP exclusive Iso-8 Crystals.

Old Rewards[]

PVP Daily Rewards
PVP Daily Rewards T03