Each day you will receive 3 random tasks for you to complete. Completing each tasks will net you experience and reward. Tasks are not done in order.

The random tasks you receive will depend on what they reward. You are guaranteed to get a task which rewards you Silver Silver, a Crystalization Power Cell Crystalization Cell and an Experimental Cell Experimental Cell everyday, but you cannot get two tasks with the same reward.

Completing all 3 Daily Tasks will give you a reward of :

and a
Gold Power Cellx1
Golden Cell.

Daily Task ListEdit

Reward Task Objective Note/s

Cornering the Market Use Power Cells in the Store Power Cells that can be used:

(only 200 Silver)

(every 2h)

(every 24h)

Fusion Dance Empower Heroes with Unstable Iso-8 3 times Purchasable at store for 200 each

Crystalization Power Cellx1
Sparring Play 3 PVP matches Can be completed in PvP Practice
Victory! Win a PVP match Can be completed in PvP Practice
Friends Are Forever Bring 3 Allied Heroes into fights Can be completed in any mission

Experimental Power Cellx1
Top Secret Research Complete a Scouting Mission
  • Mission ➜ Scouting
Once More Unto The Breach Complete a Mission
  • Chapter 1.1 normal ➜ 28 energy
Mini Villainy Defeat 2 Miniboss Villains
  • Chapter 1.2 normal ➜ 18 energy
  • Scouting mission stage 3 & 5
Reboot Defeat 10 Ui icon faction ultron-lo r64x64 Ultron Robots
  • Chapter 4.2, 1st battle (10 Ultrons)
  • Chapter 2.5 normal ➜ 18 energy
  • Scouting missions level 20
Street Sweeping Defeat 10 Ui icon faction street thugs-lo r64x64 Syndicate Members
  • Chapter 4.1, 1st battle (10 Street Thugs)
  • Chapter 1.1, 1.3 1.5, 1.6
  • Scouting missions level 10,20
A.I.M. High Defeat 10 Ui icon faction aim-lo r64x64 AIM Scientists
  • Chapter 2.5, 2.6
  • Scouting missions level 20
Guarding The Galaxy Defeat 10 Alien Grunts
( Ui icon faction church of truth-lo r64x64 Ui icon faction knowhere security-lo r mip 064x64 Ui icon faction kree-lo r64x64 Ui icon faction alien gang-lo r64x64 Ui icon faction thanos-lo r64x64 )
  • Chapter 3.1, 3.6
  • Scouting missions level 20,30
And 2 More Takes Its Place Defeat 10 Ui icon pin faction hydra-lo r mip 064x64 copy Hydra Soldiers
  • Chapter 1.4, 2.2, 2.4
  • Scouting missions level 10,20
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