Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia
Hero Ability Type
Tn Black Panther CW
Black Panther Civil War
Blackpanther 3 vibraniummesh Vibranium Mesh Debuff
Tn Black Widow
Black Widow Modern
Blackwidow 7 widows-kiss Widow's Kiss Debuff
Tn Captain America AoU
Captain America Age of Ultron
CaptainamericaAOU 4 patroits-challenge Patriot's Challenge Debuff
Tn Drax
Drax Cinematic
Drax 5 finger-on-throat Finger on Throat Debuff
Tn Electro H
Electro Classic
Electro 5 super-conductor Super Conductor Debuff
Ui icon hero plaque groot 01-lo r128x128
Groot Cinematic
02 - I am Groot I Am Groot Debuff
Tn Iron Man CW
Iron Man Civil War
Unknown Icon 1 Computer Assist Debuff
Tn Mr Hyde
Mister Hyde
Misterhyde 7 tactical-chunder Tactical Chunder Debuff
Ui icon hero plaque moon knight 01-lo r128x128
Moon Knight Marvel Now!
Moonknight 4 fight-or-flight Fight or Flight Buff Debuff
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
Rocket 5 sleight-of-paw Sleight of Paw Debuff
Rocket 2 scavenger Scavenge Debuff
Tn Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman Classic
Spider-woman 5 spy-weakness Spy Weakness Debuff
Tn Star-Lord
Star-Lord Cinematic
Star-lord 7 pelvic-sorcery Pelvic Sorcery Debuff
Tn Vision AoU
Vision Age of Ultron
Vision AoU 5 pulse-wave Pulse Wave Debuff
Tn Vision
Vision Marvel Now!
Vision 4 holographic-projections Holographic Projections Debuff
Ui icon hero plaque wasp 01-lo r128x128
Wasp Modern
Wasp 6 drone-swarm Drone Swarm Debuff
Tn Winter Soldier CW
Winter Soldier Civil War
Winter Soldier-Delayed Blast Delayed Blast Debuff

Ability Type