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"After a radiation explosion caused four mechanical arms to fuse yo his body, nuclear physicist Otto Octavius turned to a life of crime to prove his genius to the world. Telepathically operating the arms with lethal acuity, "Doc Ock's" egomania is rivaled only by his spite for the wall-crawling Spider-Man".

Class: Tactician

Organisations: Ui icon faction street thugs-lo r64x64 Sinister Syndicate

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six


Note: These are his stats at Level 9

Health: 1638

Attack: 441

Defense: 441

Speed: 515

Accuracy: 490

Evasion: 416


Passive Effect
Super Villain Takes turns faster
Criminal Mastermind Doctor Octopus's allies deal +20% damage. Doctor Octopus takes +20% damage.


Ability Effect
Tenticle Whip - Single-Target Attack Applies Crushed to target
______ Venom - Single-Target Attack Applies Wounded to target



"Having eight limbs grants Doctor Octopus ample oppurtunities for counterattacks. As he analyzes the fight with his genius intellect, his Accuracy increases and his strikes do more and more damage".



  • Doctor Octopus can be found during the Level 10 Scouting Mission when facing Sinister Syndicate grunts.
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