Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia


Hero Ability Type
Tn Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Marvel Now!
CaptainmarvelMN 1 photon-blast Photon Blast Ranged Energy
CaptainmarvelMN 8 death-from-above Death From Above Ranged Energy
Tn Deathlok
Deathlok 3 reddotlaser Red-Dot Ray Ranged Energy
Tn Iron Fist
Iron Fist Marvel Now!
07 - Chi Blast Chi Blast Ranged Energy
Tn Iron Man AoU
Iron Man Age of Ultron
Ironman AoU 1 repulsor-ray Repulsor Ray Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 5 twin-shot Twin Shot Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 6 laser-sweep Laser Sweep Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 7 charged-unibeam Charged Unibeam Ranged Energy
Ui icon hero plaque iron man 01-lo r128x128
Iron Man Bleeding Edge
01 - Repulsor Blast Repulsor Blast Ranged Energy
03 - Combined Arms Combined Arms Melee Energy
04 - Recursive Shot Recursive Shot Ranged Energy
06 - Laser Cutter Laser Cutter Ranged Energy
10 - Unibeam Unibeam Ranged Energy
Tn Iron Man CW
Iron Man Civil War
Unknown Icon 1 Two Shot Ranged Energy
Unknown Icon 1 Cryo Blast Ranged Energy
Unknown Icon 1 Surging Unibeam Ranged Energy
M.O.D.O.K Modern
Modok 1 mental-power-beam Mental Power Beam Ranged Energy
07 - Unparalleled Genius Unparalleled Genius Ranged Energy
10 - Countdown To Armageddon Countdown to Armageddon Ranged Energy
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 1 cosmic-blast Cosmic Blast Ranged Energy
Nova 3 energized-punch Energised Punch Melee Energy Unarmed
Nova 5 concentrated-energy Concentrated Energy Ranged Energy
Nova 8 nova-force-unleashed Nova Force Unleashed Ranged Energy
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
01 - Baryon Blaster Baryon Blaster Ranged Energy
Rocket 7 fermion-pulse-rifle Fermion Pulse Rifle Ranged Energy
Rocket 8B hadron-enforce Hadron Enforcer Ranged Energy
Tn Star-Lord
Star-Lord Cinematic
06 - Spirit In the Sky Spirit In The Sky Ranged Energy
10 - Trick Shots Trick Shots Ranged Energy
Tn Vision AoU
Vision Age of Ultron
Vision AoU 1 thermoscopic-blast Thermoscopic Blast Ranged Energy
Vision AoU 6 mind-stone Mind Stone Ranged Energy
Tn Vision
Vision Marvel Now!
Vision 2 eye-beams Eye Beams Ranged Energy
Vision 6 microwave-pulse Microwave Pulse Ranged Energy
Vision 8 solar-jewel Solar Jewel Ranged Energy
Tn War Machine
War Machine Marvel Now!
04 - Dual Repulsor Dual Repulsors Ranged Energy
Ability Type