Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia
Effect BG 1 BlankEffect Icon 058
  Exploit Weakness
Passive Buff
 This attack deals +50% damage if the target has a Physical Debuff
Exploit Weakness
Passive Buff
Effect BG 1 BlankExploit Weakness
 This attack deals +50% damage if the target has a Physical Debuff


  • This attack deals +50% damage if the target has a Physical Debuff


Name Ability Stars
Tn Black Panther CW
Black Panther Civil War
Blackpanther 2 cloakedambush Cloaked Ambush 1 Star
Blackpanther 8 rakingclaw Raking Claw 3 Star
Ui icon hero plaque black widow 01-lo r128x128
Black Widow Modern
Blackwidow 2 systema Systema 3 Star
Tn Daredevil
Daredevil Marvel Now!
Daredevil 2 billy-club-beatdown Billy Club Beatdown 1 Star
Daredevil 8 last-rites Last Rites 3 Star
Tn Electro
Electro Classic
Electro 2 electrical-storm Electrical Storm 1 Star
Electro 6 ball-lightening Ball Lightning 2 Star
Ui icon hero plaque gamora 01-lo r128x128
Gamora Cinematic
Gamora 2 assassinate Assassinate 1 Star
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 3 hofund-the-uru-blade Hound, The Uru Blade 1 Star
Tn Iron Man AoU
Iron Man Age of Ultron
Ironman AoU 5 twin-shot Twin Shot 3 Star
Tn Nebula
Nebula Cinematic
02 - Focused Spite Focused Sprite 1 Star
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 1 cosmic-blast Cosmic Blast 1 Star
Nova 5 concentrated-energy Concentrated Energy 2 Star
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
02 - Sphaleron Launcher Sphaleron Launcher 1 Star
Rocket 7 fermion-pulse-rifle Fermion Pulse Rifle 3 Star
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 2 thunderstrike Thunderstrike 1 Star
Tn Thor
Thor Marvel Now!
Marvel Now! Thor-Stormbringer Storm Front 3 Star
Ui icon hero plaque war machine 01-lo r128x128
War Machine Marvel Now!
04 - Dual Repulsor Dual Repulsor 1 Star