Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia

"Gold remains valuable in all societies around the globe and is required for many high-end purchases."

How to Earn Gold[]

  • Leveling Up earns you 10 Gold
  • Completing the Daily Tasks everyday earns you 5 Gold.
  • Connecting your game with Facebook earns you 25 Gold.
  • Logging into the game every day for a certain amount of days can you earn a number of Gold.
  • Gold can be won from Renewable and Quick-Charge Power Cells.
  • Reaching the Gold Rank in PVP will earn you 25 Gold, once the tournament has completed.
  • Certain story tasks can net you either a small or large amount of Gold.


  • Unlike the game's predecessor, Gold is more common and has replaced Command Points as the game's main currency, other than Silver.