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Tn Hydra Power Armor
Icon Hydra Power Armor


"Hydra's Dreadnaught class of powered armor is based on an earlier design sold to them by A.I.M.. Augmented for practical combat, what it lacks in technological refinement it makes up for in raw power. Hydra will often deploy armored infantry units to secure and defend critical locations".

Class: Bruiser

Organisations: Ui icon pin faction hydra-lo r mip 064x64 copy Hydra

Story Appearance[]

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere

Spec Op 02: Captain America: Civil War

  • Mission 1: Absent Without Leave


Note: These are the stats at Level 37 ****

  • Health: 10181
  • Attack: 3870
  • Defense: 4278
  • Speed: 3463
  • Accuracy: 3665
  • Evasion: 3258


Name Effect
Super Villain Takes turns faster


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Blitzkrieg Single Yes Melee Exposed
Charge Up Self No Buff Fortified + Protecting
Hydraulic Punch Single Yes Melee Dazed



"The HYDRA Dreadnaught power armor demonstrates a bit of both armor and power. It buffs its own Defense, Protects its teammates, then proceeds to pummel opponents with punches and beams that break down their own defenses".


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