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Iso-8 Crystals

Iso-8 Crystals are used for increasing a heroes' stats and gaining additional passives to turn the tide in combat. They are gained by either being dropped by enemies in combat, rewarded from tasks or by being won from power cells or roulettes. Iso-8 Crystals can come in many different sizes, colours and types with a star rating. They are currently the only type of item in the game which can be sold for silver.


Iso-8 Crystals can come in different sizes. The bigger the crystal, the higher the stat boost.

  • Sliver : +68 to Primary Stat
  • Chip : +125 to Primary Stat
  • Fragment : +208 to Primary Stat
  • Shard : +331 to Primary Stat


Iso-8 Crystals come in different colours. If an Iso-8 Crystal is equiped in an Iso-8 slot which is the same respective colour, it provides a bigger stat boost. The colour of the Iso-8 also determines what stat it specialises in.

  • Prismatic (All Stats)
  • Red (Attack)
  • Blue (Defense)
  • Green (Health)
  • Purple (Evasion)
  • Yellow (Accuracy)
  • Silver (Speed)


Star levels indicate how many stat types are increased. 

  • 1 star - 1 stat (Primary, based on colour) 
  • 2 star - Primary + 1 random stat at a lesser value
  • 3 star - Primary + 2 random stats at a lesser value
  • 4 star - Primary + 3 random stats at a lesser value
  • 5 star - Primary + 4 random stats at a lesser value

There is no discernible pattern to which secondary stats are attached to which crystal.


Each crystal contributes to an Iso-8 set which provides a passive for the hero if enough of the type of Iso-8 is equiped. There are 16 distinct crystal types.

Icon Required Name Effect/s Location
Alert Icon
2/2 Alert Iso-8 Your attacks can attack Stealthy characters Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Barricading Icon
2/2 Barricading Iso-8 Gain Shield at 50% Health Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Belligerent iso 8
4/4 Belligerent Iso-8 Increases Free Attack damage by 50% PvP rewards
Benevolent iso 8
6/6 Benevolent Iso-8 Resist death once per battle PvP rewards
4/4 Calculating Iso-8 Critical hits grant a temporary defensive boost Combat and bosses in Chapter 4
6/6 Coordinated Iso-8 50% chance to counter-attack when an ally is attacked Spec Ops rewards
Evasive iso 8
4/4 Evasive Iso-8 Gain a temporary offensive boost when an incoming attack misses or grazes Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Experimental Icon
2/2 Experimental Iso-8 20% increased chance to apply Buffs and Debuffs Combat and bosses in Chapter 2
Galactic iso 8
4/4 Galactic Iso-8 Your attacks penetrate and destroy Shields Combat and bosses in Chapter 3
Impenetrable Icon
2/2 Impenetrable Iso-8 Take 50% damage from attacks while above 90% Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Indomitable Icon
2/2 Indomitable Iso-8 20% chance to resist Debuffs Crystallization Power Cells
Mighty iso 8
4/4 Mighty Iso-8 Attacks are uncounterable Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Reinforcing iso 8
2/2 Reinforcing Iso-8 Take 25% less damage from Free attacks Combat, bosses, Crystallization Power Cells
Rejuvenating Icon
2/2 Rejuvenating Iso-8 Restores Health over Time Combat and bosses in Chapter 1
Unstoppable Icon
2/2 Unstoppable Iso-8 Your attacks bypass Protecting targeting restrictions Spec Ops rewards
Veiled iso 8
2/2 Veiled Iso-8 Start each wave Stealthy PvP rewards

Slot Matching[]

Match the slot colour to gain extra stat boost.
Stat boost is an extra half of normal stat increase.
eg: a crystal that adds +208 to attack, when colour matched to a red slot, grants an additional +104 attack.
Odd numbers are rounded down eg : +27 stat gains a +13 Bonus.


  • Passives gained by Iso-8 Crystals are only count once. (i.e. if you slot 4 Rejuvenating Iso-8 Crystals on one hero, it will count as 4/2 Rejuvenation)