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July 19, 2016 Patch Notes[]



  • Greatly improved game stability on all platforms. Specifically, fixes for new crashes reported by players that were discovered in version 1.3.0.
  • Fix for a soft lock that sometimes occurred on the Hero profile screen, making the screen look strange, forcing players to relaunch the app.
  • Fix for an issue that prevented energy from overfilling past the cap.
  • Fix for AutoPlay being set ON by default when entering PVP after using AutoPlay in another part of the game.
  • Fix for a randomly appearing screen with white boxes and temporary text (usually appearing after leaving the Hero profile screen). This was related to a new tutorial.
  • Fixed issues in a few screens where white squares would appear in place of the correct icons.
  • Fix for some combat audio not playing correctly.
  • Fix for the Captain America (1901) Event alerts popping up multiple times each play session. Also ensured these alerts ended along with the Event.
  • Fix for the incorrect title of the Ability Points bundle in the store.


  • Captain America (1901)
    • Fix for proper text failing to display when viewing Captain America’s (1901) sixth 3-star Hero Trial. Also fixed an issue with this Trial not tracking properly.
    • Fix for the Sharpshooting buff being incorrectly applied to the enemy when Captain America (1901) performed Gearshot.
    • Fix for Captain America (1901) failing to earn an Accuracy or Speed bonus from Mineral Engine.
    • Removed the cooldown from Blowout Cylinder.
    • Fix for Android users who experienced a frame rate slow down when using some Captain America (1901) attacks.
    • Fix for some Captain America (1901) audio missing in combat.
  • Deathlok
    • Deathlok now appears in the Heroes screen.
  • Iron Man (Age of Ultron)
    • Fixed an issue where Iron Man (Age of Ultron) had some visual FX show up incorrectly on some devices.

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