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June 28, 2016 Patch Notes[]




  • Players can now engage AutoPlay during PVE combat


  • Added Captain America 75th Anniversary tasks, with completion reward Captain America (1901)
    • START: 6/30 12am PDT
    • END: 7/13 1pm PDT


  • Reduced dialog and combat waves in initial tutorials

  • Added a just-in-time tutorial to assist with Hero Research


  • Added refunds for spent energy on combat crashes. Refunds will only be given in PvE crashes.

Player Versus Player

  • Made preparations for PVP Tournament 7, with Vibranium rank reward Deathlok


  • Redesigned Power Cell stores for speed and usability

  • Reworked energy purchase options

General Hero Updates

  • Reduced damage for attacks that use Ammo

  • Increased damage and reduced speed for attacks labeled Extremely Fast


System Improvements

  • Optimized Hero profile tabs for speed

  • General performance improvements across devices

  • Fixed various crashes and errors


The Game:

  • The crash which occurred when equipping Iso-8 onto heroes has been fixed.
  • Iso-8 slots which have been unlocked via gold now correctly remain unlocked.
  • The Special Offers chest no longer displays in the center of the screen.
  • The VFX for the buff Hidden have been restored.
  • Music now resumes after completing a PVP match.
  • Empty third ability slots no longer inherit icons from other heroes.
  • The walls have been retextured on the NYC Rooftop arena.
  • Holotable projections have been repaired on "Low" graphics settings.
  • Heroes now face the holotable after combat.
  • Mission map node paths have been adjusted for increased clarity.
  • Spec Op 2 currency is no longer being awarded (Spec Op 2 uses Energy).
  • The description for the Strategy mechanic has been edited for clarity.
  • The duration of the Tenacity buff has been adjusted.
  • A typo has been removed from dialogue in Chapter 1: Mission 1.
  • A typo has been removed from dialogue in Chapter 2: Mission 6.


  • Age of Ultron Black Widow's 4-star ability "Jump Kick" now applies the Off-Balance debuff on all enemies.
  • Age of Ultron Hawkeye's ability "Tracker Arrow" now correctly describes Targeted as a single-target debuff.
  • Age of Ultron Hulk now animates during his Free Attack.
  • Age of Ultron Iron Man is now visible after performing the ability "Escape Velocity" without a Reserve hero.
  • Age of Ultron Vision's ability "Density Smash" is no longer interrupted by "Meteoric Assault".
  • Agent 13's ability "Whip Smarts" now applies the debuff "Demoralized" on her target.
  • Civil War Iron Man's 3-star trial description has been edited for clarity.
  • Falcon is now visible when performing the ability "Dive Bomber".
  • Falcon's ability "Raptor Rockets" now play sound effects.
  • Redwing will now attack when an Iso-8 perk allows him to target a hidden or protected enemy.
  • Hank Pym now earns Power from his innate ability "Size Matters".
  • Marvel NOW! Hulk is now visible during his "Property Damage" ability.
  • M.O.D.O.K.'s "Catalyst Rocket" has been renamed "Exposure Ray".
  • M.O.D.O.K.'s 3-star "Exposure Ray" ability now applies the Volatile debuff on all enemies.
  • Nebula is now visible after performing "Parting Shots" without a Reserve hero.
  • The Winter Soldier is no longer camouflaged.
  • Hydra grunts now attend the Hydra combat in Chapter 2: Mission 2.
  • Elite Kree grunts no longer display as Elite Hydra grunts in Chapter 3: Mission 5.
  • Enemy grunts are now visible during combats against Militant.
  • Enemy grunts are now visible during combats against Tanalth.
  • Enemy grunts are now visible during combats against Whirlwind.

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