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"Permanently fused with technology of his own creation, Arthur Parks has become an entity of pure light energy.Able to protect powerful laser blasts from his hands and to travel at near light-speed, Living Laser presents nearly unobtainable opposition."

Class: Blaster Blaster

Organisations: Ui icon faction aim-lo r64x64 A.I.M.

Story Appearance[]

Chapter 1 - Check Your Six

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars


Note: These are his stats at Level 14

Health: 1296

Attack: 697

Defense: 624

Speed: 807

Accuracy: 661

Evasion: 807


Passive Effect
Super Villain Takes turns faster
Brutal Striker Deals damage based on Speed instead of Attack


Ability Effect
State Change - Single-Target Attack Applies Adroit to self and Wide Open to target
Refractions - Single-Target Attack Applies Ionized to target


Chapter 1, Mission 3 (Hard)[]

Hawkeye: Not so fast, light bright. You and your A.I.M. buddies in a rush to get somewhere?

Living Laser: The Six owe us a debt.We mean to make sure they're good for it. Now out of the way, or we'll find out just how good those specs of yours are at protecting your delicate retinas.

Hawkeye: Oooo, sorry, the correct answer was "sight-seeing".



"Living Laster darts around the battlefield, striking targets with his pure energy form. His hits leave heroes weak to further punishment but also increase his speed, which only adds to his light-speed blows."


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  • Living Laser can be found during the Level 10 Scouting Mission when facing A.I.M. grunts.