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"A valued member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Adam Warlock has a dark secret trapped inside himself--a malevolent mirror version, known as Magus. Possessing all of Adam's substantial power, and none of his qualms about unleashing it, Magus is a threat of the very highest order."

Class: Generalist

Organisations: Ui icon faction church of truth-lo r64x64 Church of Truth

Story AppearanceEdit

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere


Note: These are the stats at Level 36 ***

  • Health: 12743
  • Attack: 3688
  • Defense: 2851
  • Speed: 2682
  • Accuracy: 3688
  • Evasion: 3018


Name Description Effect Notes
Cosmic Clarity Removes Mental Debuffs by spending two Cosmic Energy
Super Villain


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s
Cosmic Punch Single Yes Melee, Energy? Adds Ionized to target



"As a dark reflection of Adam Warlock, Magus has the similar ability to convert cosmic energy for his own purposes. Those include cleansing himself of debuffs, lowering his foes Defense, and if he's stored enough, calling forth cosmic lightning of intense power."



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