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March 22, 2016 Patch Notes[]

Spec Ops

  • Added the ability to obtain archive keys, which can unlock any archived Spec Op

  • All players who reach Commander Level 12 will receive one archive key

  • Provided one archive key to all players currently at Commander Level 12 or above


  • Made preparations for Chapter 4: Hard Reboot, which will launch when Ultron is done patching

  • Rebalanced Scouting Mission reward drops

  • Changed Scouting Mission costs to 12 units, recharge rate to 1 unit every 2 hours, and maximum to 36 units

  • Changed Scouting Mission currency display to show both current and maximum counts

  • Added a level 30 Silver Scouting Mission that will replace the level 10 Mission once a player has at least one hero at level 30
  • Reduced difficulty of chapter 1 missions on Normal and, to a lesser extent, on Hard.
  • Chapter 1 Mission 6 has a star rating that scales up in higher difficulties now

Player Versus Player

  • Made preparations for the April PvP Tournament

  • Disconnecting or quitting the app during a PvP match will now count as a loss, resetting any Win Streak to 0


  • Added a new store, unlocked once a player has at least one Hero at level 30, featuring a different ISO-8 set (3- to 5-star rarity) each day

Iso-8 Sets

  • Coordinated Iso-8 set bonus now allows multiple coordinated procs to trigger together


  • 4-star trial "Use Angela to killing-blow 12 enemies with her counter-attack on Heroic difficulty" now tracks correctly.
  • 4-star trial "Apply Bleeding on Heroic" now tracks correctly
  • Auto-rebalancing has increased the damage of her act07 for unknown reasons


  • ”Probability Counter-Calculations" now correctly shields allies against AoE attacks regardless of whether they already have a shield


  • 4-star trial "Use Star-Lord to defeat Cardinal Raker in Chapter 3, Mission 4 on Heroic difficulty before any heroes are defeated" now tracks correctly

General Hero Updates

  • Added new Age of Ultron Heroes to the store

  • Added the ability to select which Hero swaps in after another Hero is knocked out

  • Allies now fade out correctly during several camera movements


  • Redesign/buff. Many of his passives and abilities have changed to make him more flexible, versatile, and powerful. Mode is more meaningful.

Black Widow

  • Act01 increased to 3 hits to match animation
  • Reduced gold cost for 3->4 star trials from 10,000 gold to 500 gold

Iron Fist

  • Act01 decreased to 2 hits to match animation

Star Lord

  • ”Defeat Cardinal Raker with no deaths" hero trial works

Hulk AoU

  • Hero trial to defeat shocker now works


  • Heimdall used to counter with his act01. He now counters with his counter attack.


  • Cleaned up the costs of her act08

Captain Marvel

  • Cleaned up the costs of her act08
  • Her common skills are available in the ability store now

War Machine

  • Cleaned up the cost of his act08


  • His rage now correctly boosts Speed and Defense, rather than Defense and Defense


  • His trial to break shields has been replaced with a trial that doesn't require a status that he doesn't have.

General Enemy Updates

  • Prevented alien grunt audio from ignoring device mute settings


  • Reduced the accuracy bonus from the intermediate level of AIM calibrated attacks

System Improvements

  • Added achievements

  • Updated the Mission Select layout

  • Updated the Strike Team selection layout

  • Improved Team-Up slot selection logic to favor Allies' Heroes if available

  • Pre-combat screen now correctly displays the Team-Up bonus if an Ally's Hero is automatically selected

  • Added a unique icon for Tier 3 Solitaires

  • ISO-8 Crystals now correctly display 5-star rarity

  • ISO-8 Crystals no longer change the slot background incorrectly when equipped

  • Added timers to menu buttons for timed events, like Spec Ops and PvP Tournaments

  • Reaching the maximum Commander Level now displays "MAX" in the Commander XP bar

  • Prevented the Chapter Task progress bar from displaying 0% once complete

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