Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia
Hero Ability Type
Agent 13
Unknown Icon 1 Whip Smarts Melee Unarmed
Unknown Icon 1 Textbook Takedown Melee Unarmed
Unknown Icon 1 Unarmed Fury Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque angela 01-lo r128x128
Angela Modern
01 - Vital Slash Vital Slash Melee Sharp
03 - Battle Rend Battle Rend Melee Sharp
06 - Impetuous Cleave Impetuous Cleave Melee Sharp
07 - Heven's Strike Heven's Strike Melee Sharp
08 - Icors Mastery Ichor Mastery Melee Sharp
Tn Ant-Man
Ant-Man Cinematic
Ant-Man-Infestation Punch Infestation Punch Melee Unarmed
Ant-Man-Atomic Uppercut Atomic Uppercut Melee Unarmed
Ant-Man-Bug Bomb Bug Bomb Melee Unarmed
Ant-Man-Now You See Me Now You See Me Melee Unarmed
Tn Black Panther CW
Black Panther Civil War
01 - Claw Swipe Lethal Scratch Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 2 cloakedambush Cloaked Ambush Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 4 panthersleap-1 Panther's Leap Melee Unarmed
Blackpanther 5 warriorking Warrior King Melee Unarmed
Blackpanther 7 pantherspounce Panther's Pounce Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 8 rakingclaw Raking Claw Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque black panther 01-lo r128x128
Black Panther Modern
01 - Claw Swipe Claw Swipe Melee Sharp
02 - Panther Kick Panther Kick Melee Unarmed
04 - Wakandan Arts Wakandan Arts Melee Unarmed
07 - Thermopic Camouflage Thermoptic Camouflage Melee Unarmed
08 - Shadow Strike Shadow Strike Melee Sharp
Tn Black Widow AoU
Black Widow Age of Ultron
Blackwidow AoU 2 widows-sting Widow's Sting Melee Unarmed
Blackwidow AoU 4 system-shock System Shock Melee Shock
Blackwidow AoU 5 brutal-ballet Brutal Ballet Melee Unarmed
Blackwidow AoU 6 jump-kick Jump Kick Melee Unarmed
Blackwidow AoU 8 escrima-expertise Escrima Expertise Melee Blunt Shock Unarmed
Tn Black Widow
Black Widow Modern
02 - Systema Systema Melee Unarmed
03 - Shocking Touch Shocking Touch Melee Shock
04 - Flying Kick Flying Kick Melee Unarmed
05 - Widowmaker Widowmaker Melee Unarmed
10 - Ballerina Ballerina Melee Unarmed
Unknown Icon 1
Captain America 1901
Unknown Icon 1 Full-Stoke Charge Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Blowout Cylinder Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Thermic Ejector Melee Blunt
Unknown Icon 1 Piston Breaker Melee Blunt
Tn Captain America AoU
Captain America Age of Ultron
CaptainamericaAOU 1 provoking-strike Provoking Strike Melee Unarmed
CaptainamericaAOU 3 frontline-charge Frontline Charge Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 6 martial-justice Martial Justice Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 7 bastion-of-liberty Bastion of Liberty Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaAOU 8 tour-of-duty Tour of Duty Melee Blunt Unarmed
Tn Captain America CW
Captain America Civil War
Captain america cw 01 shield smash Shield Smash Melee Blunt
Captain america cw 04 brave flip Brave Flip Melee Unarmed
Captain america cw 06 falling star Falling Star Melee Blunt
Captain america cw 08 bomb drop Bomb Drop Melee Unarmed
Tn Captain America
Captain America Marvel Now!
01 - Leading Strike Leading Strike Melee Unarmed
02 - Star-Spangled Basher Star-Spangled Basher Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaMN 6 shooting-star Shooting Star Melee Blunt
CaptainamericaMN 8 soaring-eagle Soaring Eagle Melee Blunt
Tn Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Marvel Now!
CaptainmarvelMN 2 dogfight Dogfight Melee Unarmed
CaptainmarvelMN 3 kree-strike Kree Strike Melee Unarmed
Tn Daredevil
Daredevil Marvel Now!
Daredevil 2 billy-club-beatdown Billy Club Beatdown Melee Blunt
Daredevil 3 flying-blind Flying Blind Melee Unarmed
Daredevil 4 snap-kick Snap Kicks Melee Unarmed
Daredevil 5 baton-rouge Baton Rouge Melee Blunt
Daredevil 6 deception-strike Deception Strike Melee Unarmed
Daredevil 7 ruthless-justice Ruthless Justice Melee Blunt
Daredevil 8 last-rites Last Rites Melee Blunt Unarmed
Tn Drax
Drax Cinematic
Drax 1 stab Stab Melee Sharp
Drax 2 slash-then-slash-again Slash, Then Slash Again Melee Sharp
Drax 3 i-am-too-fast I Am Too Fast Melee Unarmed
Drax 7 i-am-too-furious I Am Too Furious Melee Sharp
Drax 6-knee-to-the-face Knee To The Face Melee Unarmed
Drax 8 stab-from-above Stab From Above Melee Sharp
Tn Electro H
Electro Classic
Electro 3 shocking-grasp Shocking Grasp Melee Shock
Tn Falcon CW
Falcon Civil War
Falcon CW-Bird Of Prey Bird Of Prey Melee Unarmed
Falcon CW-Flyby Flyby Melee Unarmed
Falcon CW-Crash Dive Crash Dive Melee Unarmed
Falcon CW-Dive Bomber Dive Bomber Melee Unarmed
Falcon CW-Flying Combo Flying Combo Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque gamora 01-lo r128x128
Gamora Cinematic
01 - Precise Strike Precise Strike Melee Sharp
02 - Assassinate Assassinate Melee Sharp
03 - Distracting Blow Distracting Blow Melee Sharp
04 - Intercept Intercept Melee Unarmed
05 - Steel Barrage Steel Barrage Melee Sharp
06 - Nerve Strike Nerve Strike Melee Unarmed
07 - Gut Shot Gut Shot Melee Sharp
10 - Execute Execute Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque groot 01-lo r128x128
Groot Cinematic
01 - Impaling Branches Impaling Branches Melee Sharp
03 - Shillelagh Shillelagh Melee Blunt
10 - Deadwood Deadwood Melee Blunt
Ui icon hero plaque yellowjacket 01-lo r128x128
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
02 - Big Idea Big Idea Melee Unarmed
04 - Hivebomb Hive Bomb Melee Unarmed
06 - Growing Pains Growing Pains Melee Unarmed
10 - Big Foot Bigfoot Melee Blunt
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 1 seeking-strike Seeking Strike Melee Sharp
Heimdall 3 hofund-the-uru-blade Hofund, The Uru Blade Melee Sharp
Heimdall 7 leap-into-the-fray Leap Into The Fray Melee Sharp
Heimdall 8 bifrost-dash Rainbow Dash Melee Sharp
Tn Hulk AoU
Hulk Age of Ultron
Hulk AoU 1 berserk Berserk Melee Unarmed
Hulk AoU 2 crack Crack Melee Unarmed
Hulk AoU 3 rampage Rampage Melee Unarmed
Hulk AoU 5 pummel Pummel Melee Unarmed
Hulk AoU 7 demolish Demolish Melee Unarmed
Hulk AoU 8 frenzy Frenzy Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque hulk 01-lo r128x128
Hulk Marvel Now!
01 - Rage Punch Rage Punch Melee Unarmed
03 - Unshackled Fury Unshackled Fury Melee Unarmed
06 - Savage Strikes Savage Strikes Melee Unarmed
10 - World Breaker World Breaker Melee Blast
Ui icon hero plaque iron fist 01-lo r128x128
Iron Fist Marvel Now!
01 - K’un-Lun Combo K’un-Lun Combo Melee Unarmed
02 - The Iron Fist The Iron Fist Melee Unarmed
03 - Flying Phoenix Kick Flying Phoenix Kick Melee Unarmed
05 - Ascending Dragon Kick Ascending Dragon Kick Melee Unarmed
10 - Five Fingers Of Death Five Fingers Of Death Melee Unarmed
Tn Iron Man AoU
Iron Man Age of Ultron
Ironman AoU 4 escape-velocity Escape Velocity Melee Blast
Ui icon hero plaque iron man 01-lo r128x128
Iron Man Bleeding Edge
03 - Combined Arms Combined Arms Melee Energy
05 - Air Dash Air Dash Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque luke cage 01-lo r128x128
Luke Cage Modern
Lukecage 1 pain-train Pain Train Melee Unarmed
Lukecage 2-street-smarts Street Smarts Melee Unarmed
Lukecage 3 shut-yo-mouth Shut Yo Mouth Melee Unarmed
Lukecage 4-body-check Body Check Melee Unarmed
Lukecage 7 slammer Slammer Melee Unarmed
Lukecage 8 sweet-christmas Sweet Christmas Melee Unarmed
Tn Mr Hyde
Mister Hyde
Misterhyde 1 chuffed-to-bits Chuffed to Bits Melee Unarmed
Misterhyde 2 suffer-the-consequences Suffer The Consequences Melee Unarmed
Misterhyde 4 not-bloody-likely Not Bloody Likely Melee Blunt
Misterhyde 5 bobs-yer-uncle Bob's Yer Uncle! Melee Unarmed
Misterhyde 8 a-right-kerfuffle A Right Kerfuffle Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque moon knight 01-lo r128x128
Moon Knight Marvel Now!
01 - Knight Club Knight Club Melee Blunt
03 - Lunar Legionnaire Lunar Legionnaire Melee Unarmed
05 - Strike Fear Strike Fear Melee Unarmed
07 - Crescent Crusader Crescent Crusader Melee Unarmed
10 - Fist of Khonshu Fist of Khonshu Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque nebula playable 01-lo r128x128
Nebula Cinematic
02 - Focused Spite Focused Spite Melee Blunt
03 - Calculated Strike Calculated Strike Melee Blunt
05 - Shock Baton Shock Baton Melee Shock
06 - Furious Combo Furious Combo Melee Blunt
10 - Strike From The Darkness Strike From The Darkness Melee Blunt
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 2 boosted-flight Boosted Flight Melee Unarmed
Nova 3 energized-punch Energised Punch Melee Energy Unarmed
Nova 4 meteoric-impact Meteoric Impact Melee Blast
Tn She-Hulk
She-Hulk Classic
01 - Assault Assault Melee Unarmed
02 - Battery Battery Melee Unarmed
Shehulk 4 kangaroo-court Kangaroo Court Melee Blast
05 - Long Arm of The Law Long Arm Of The Law Melee Unarmed
06 - Swift Justice Swift Justice Melee Unarmed
Shehulk 7 bar-exam Bar Exam Melee Blunt
Ui icon hero plaque spider man 01-lo r128x128
Spider-Man Classic
02 - Flip Kick Flip Kick Melee Unarmed
03 - Spider Assault Spider Assault Melee Unarmed
04 - Swing Kick Swing Kick Melee Unarmed
05 - Web Slingshot Web Slingshot Melee Unarmed
07 - Jumping Spider Jumping Spider Melee Unarmed
Tn Miles Morales
Spider-Man Miles Morales
Spiderman MM 1 venom-jab Venom Jab Melee Shock Unarmed
Spiderman MM 3 arachnobatics Arachnobatics Melee Unarmed
Spiderman MM 4 slide-on-by Slide On By Melee Shock
Spiderman MM 5-ultimate-combo Ultimate Combo Melee Unarmed
Spiderman MM 7 stick-the-landing Stick the Landing Melee Shock
Tn Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman Classic
Spider-woman 6 spiders-bite Spider's Bite Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque star lord 01-lo r128x128
Star-Lord Cinemtic
04 - Go All the Way Go All The Way Melee Unarmed
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 2 thunderstrike Thunderstrike Melee Blunt Shock
Thor AoU 4 asgard-calls Asgard Calls Melee Blunt
Thor AoU 6 might-mjolner Mighty Mjoinir Melee Blunt
Thor AoU 7 thunderhead-unleashed Thunderhead Unleashed Melee Shock
Thor AoU 8 bring-down-the-hammer Bring Down The Hammer Melee Blunt Shock
Ui icon hero plaque thor 01-lo r128x128
Thor Marvel Now!
01 - Empowering Strike Empowering Strike Melee Blunt
04 - Worthy Flight Worthy Flight Melee Blunt
06 - Thunder Hammer Tunder Hammer Melee Blunt
07 - Worthy Combo Worthy Combo Melee Blunt
Tn Vision AoU
Vision Age of Ultron
Vision AoU 2 programmed-punch Programmed Punch Melee Unarmed
Vision AoU 3 incorporeal-initialization Incorporeal Initialization Melee Unarmed
Vision AoU 4 digital-trigger Digital Trigger Melee Unarmed
Vision AoU 7 meteoric-assault Meteoric Assault Melee Unarmed
Vision AoU 8-mass-manipulation Mass Manipulation Melee Unarmed
Tn Vision
Vision Marvel Now!
Vision 1 phantom-strike Phantom Strike Melee Unarmed
Vision 3 osmium-punch Osmium Punch Melee Unarmed
Vision 5 disruption-punch Disruption Punch Melee Unarmed
Vision 7 density-smash Density Smash Melee Unarmed
Ui icon hero plaque war machine 01-lo r128x128
War Machine Marvel Now!
02 - Plasmas Blade Plasma Blade Melee
Ui icon hero plaque wasp 01-lo r128x128
Wasp Modern
03 - Fly Swatter Fly Swatter Melee Blunt
10 - Fist Bump Fist Bump Melee Blunt
Tn Winter Soldier CW
Winter Soldier Civil War
Winter Soldier-First Strike First Strike Melee Unarmed
Winter Soldier-Double Slash Double Slash Melee Sharp
Unknown Icon 1 Winter's Fury Melee Unarmed
Ability Type