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PVP Practice

PVP Tournament 07 Deathlok

PVP (also known as Player vs Player) is where the player faces off against another player's team being controlled by the A.I. Each fight requires the use of 10 Challenge Points.

Players challenge other players in a three-on-three battle.

In combat, it is similar to PvE but you have no Reserve Heroes.


PVP Practice is the main PVP, where players can challenge other players teams.

PVP Tournaments[]

A PVP Tournament is a special Player versus Player event in which players challenge each other in hopes of receiving exclusive rewards at the end of each season. Ranks and their rewards as listed below. The higher Ranks confer all of the rewards of those beneath them (ex. Infinity Rank receives all rewards). PVP Tournaments were introduced on January 1, 2016.


You can complete the Daily Tasks Sparring and Victory! by playing in PVP Tournaments or Practice.