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PVP Tournament 03: Miles Morales
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PVP Tournament -
Miles Morales
PVP Tournament 03 Miles Morales
—Image © Marvel and Playdom
Date Began: March 01, 2016
Date Ended: March 31, 2016
Recruitable Hero: Miles Morales Spider-Man
Important Notes:
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man could become available for recruitment at some point after the season ends.
    (not yet confirmed)
  • Season Rewards are awarded to the players that placed and maintained their Rank until the end of the whole Season, not just by placing on the required Rank alone.
  • Players not only obtain the Season Reward for their current Rank but also the rewards of the lower Ranks.


As player compete, they will reach Ranks. Players are placed in different Ranks according to the battles they win. If a player loses a battle, they can be demoted back to a lower Rank.

Each Rank has its own Season Rewards. The higher the Rank players placed in by the end of the Tournament, the better the Season reward.


Rank Name Rewards
PVP Bronze Badge Superior Power Cell
1x Superior Power Cell
PVP Silver Badge Silver
50,000 Silver
PVP Gold Badge Gold
50 Gold
PVP Diamond Badge Veiled Iso-8 Shard
PVP Vibranium Badge Miles Morales Spider-Man
Miles Morales Spider-Man
PVP Infinity Badge File:Miles Morales Spider-Man-Venom Bomb.png
Venom Bomb
Miles Morales Power Cell
Miles Morales Power Cell
Earn Tournament Power Cells for each Badge aquired.
These are awarded at the end of the tournament.

Daily PVP Reward[]

After winning in attacks 3 times per day, Daily PVP Reward will appear.