Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia
Hero Ability Type
Agent 13
Unknown Icon 1 Iso-8 Pistol Ranged Projectile
Unknown Icon 1 I.C.E.R. Pistol Ranged Projectile
Unknown Icon 1 Overcharged Pistol Ranged Projectile
Ui icon hero plaque angela 01-lo r128x128
Angela Modern
Angela 4 angelic-ribbons Angelic Ribbons Ranged Sharp
Tn Ant-Man
Ant-Man Cinematic
Ant-man 8 a-little-breather Ant Spray Ranged
Ant-Man-So Long and Tanks So Long And Tanks Ranged Blunt
Ui icon hero plaque black panther 01-lo r128x128
Black Panther Modern
03 - Vibranium Daggers Vibranium Daggers Ranged Sharp
06 - Dagger Barrage Dagger Barrage Ranged Sharp
Tn Black Widow AoU
Black Widow Age of Ultron
Blackwidow AoU 1 pistolet Pistolet Ranged Projectile
Blackwidow AoU 7 explosive-disks Explosive Disks Ranged Blast
Tn Black Widow
Black Widow Modern
Blackwidow 1 widows-bite Widow's Bite Ranged Shock
06 - Stun Disks Stun Disks Ranged Shock
Unknown Icon 1
Captain America 1901
Unknown Icon 1 Gearshot Ranged Projectile
Unknown Icon 1 Flywheels Ranged Projectile
Tn Captain America AoU
Captain America Age of Ultron
CaptainamericaAOU 2 shield-toss Shield Toss Ranged Blunt
Tn Captain America CW
Captain America Civil War
Captain america cw 03 streaming glory Streaming Glory Ranged Blunt
Captain america cw 07 bursting combo Bursting Combo Ranged Blunt
Tn Captain America
Captain America Marvel Now!
04 - Shield Throw Shield Throw Ranged Blunt
07 - Ricochet Ricochet Ranged Blunt
Tn Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Marvel Now!
CaptainmarvelMN 1 photon-blast Photon Blast Ranged Energy
CaptainmarvelMN 4 aim-high Aim High Ranged
CaptainmarvelMN 7 air-drop Air Drop Ranged Blunt
CaptainmarvelMN 8 death-from-above Death From Above Ranged Energy
Tn Daredevil
Daredevil Marvel Now!
Daredevil 1 manriki-gusari Manriki Gusari Ranged Blunt
Tn Deathlok
Deathlok 1 chain fire Chain Fire Ranged Projectile
Deathlok 2 short fuse Short Fuse Ranged Blast
Deathlok 3 reddotlaser Red-Dot Ray Ranged Energy
Deathlok 5 overbore Overbore Ranged Projectile
Deathlok 6 surgical blast Surgical Blast Ranged Blast
Deathlok 8 apexweapon-1 Apex Weapon Ranged Blast
Tn Drax
Drax Cinematic
Drax 4 throw-knife Throw Knife Ranged Sharp
Tn Electro H
Electro Classic
Electro 1 static-discharge Static Discharge Ranged Shock
Electro 2 electrical-storm Electrical Storm Ranged Shock
Electro 8 human-dynamo Human Dynamo Ranged Shock
Electro 6 ball-lightening Ball Lightning Ranged Shock Random
Electro 8 human-dynamo Human Dynamo Ranged Shock
Tn Falcon CW
Falcon Civil War
Falcon CW-War Hawk War Hawk Ranged Projectile
Falcon CW-Raptor Rockets Raptor Rockets Ranged Blast
Falcon CW-Fight And Flight Fight And Flight Ranged Projectile
Falcon CW-Air Strike Redwing Air Strike Ranged Projectile
Falcon CW-Ramming Speed Redwing Ramming Speed Ranged Blunt Projectile
Falcon CW-Grapple Shot Redwing Grapple Shot Ranged Blunt Projectile
Ui icon hero plaque groot 01-lo r128x128
Groot Cinematic
Groot 5 undergrowth Undergrowth Ranged Sharp
06 - Floral Colossus Floral Colossus Ranged Blunt
Tn Hank Pym
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
01 - Bioelectric Blast Bioelectric Blast Ranged Shock
Yellowjacket 5 sting-ray Sting Ray Ranged Shock
07 - Buzz Kill Buzz Kill Ranged Sharp
Tn Hawkeye AoU
Hawkeye Age of Ultron
Hawkeye AoU 1 tracker-arrow Tracker Arrow Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye AoU 2 boomerang-arrow Boomerang Arrow Ranged Projectile Random
Hawkeye AoU 4 sonic-arrows Sonic Arrow Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye AoU 6 thread-the-needle Thread The Needle Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye AoU 7 electro-arrow Electro-Arrow Ranged Projectile Shock
Hawkeye AoU 8-hi-voltage-arrows High-Volt Arrows Ranged Shock
Tn Hawkeye
Hawkeye Marvel Now!
Hawkeye 1 sure-shot Sure Shot Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye 2 tracer-arrow Tracer Arrow Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye 4 multi-arrow Multi Arrow Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye 5-stun-arrow Stun Arrow Ranged Shock
Hawkeye 6 rapid-shot Rapid Shot Ranged Projectile
Hawkeye 8-snipe Snipe Ranged Projectile
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 5 open-a-rift Open The Rift Ranged Shock
Tn Hulk AoU
Hulk Age of Ultron
Hulk AoU 4 crush Crush Ranged Blast Blunt
Ui icon hero plaque hulk 01-lo r128x128
Hulk Marvel Now!
Hulk 2 hulk-smash Hulk Smash Ranged Blast
Hulk 5 property-damage Property Damage Ranged Blunt
Hulk 7 thunder-clap Thunder Clap Ranged Blast
Tn Iron Fist
Iron Fist Marvel Now!
07 - Chi Blast Chi Blast Ranged Energy
Tn Iron Man AoU
Iron Man Age of Ultron
Ironman AoU 1 repulsor-ray Repulsor Ray Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 2 tank-buster Tank Buster Ranged Blast
Ironman AoU 3 sticky-rockets Sticky Rockets Ranged Blast
Ironman AoU 5 twin-shot Twin Shot Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 6 laser-sweep Laser Sweep Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 7 charged-unibeam Charged Unibeam Ranged Energy
Ironman AoU 8 hellion-missiles Hellion Missiles Ranged Blast
Ui icon hero plaque iron man 01-lo r128x128
Iron Man Bleeding Edge
Ironman 1 repulsor-blast Repulsor Blast Ranged Energy
Ironman 2 incendiary-missiles Incendiary Missiles Ranged Blast
Ironman 4 recursive-shot Recursive Shot Ranged Energy
Ironman 6 laser-cutter Laser Cutter Ranged Energy
Ironman 7 missile-salvo Missile Salvo Ranged Blast Random
Ironman 8 unibeam Unibeam Ranged Energy
Tn Iron Man CW
Iron Man Civil War
Unknown Icon 1 Two Shot Ranged Energy
Unknown Icon 1 Entangler Ranged Projectile
Unknown Icon 1 Cryo Blast Ranged Energy
Unknown Icon 1 Surging Unibeam Ranged Energy
Unknown Icon 1 Missile Battery Ranged Blast
Ui icon hero plaque luke cage 01-lo r128x128
Luke Cage Modern
05 - Get Crushed Get Crushed Ranged Blunt
Tn Mr Hyde
Mister Hyde
Misterhyde 6 get-stuffed Get Stuffed Ranged Blunt
M.O.D.O.K Modern
Modok 1 mental-power-beam Mental Power Beam Ranged Energy
Modok 3 bunker-buster-rocket Bunker Buster Rocket Ranged Blast
Modok 5 catalyst-rocket Catalyst Rocket Ranged Blast
07 - Unparalleled Genius Unparalleled Genius Ranged Energy
10 - Countdown To Armageddon Countdown to Armageddon Ranged Blast Energy
Ui icon hero plaque moon knight 01-lo r128x128
Moon Knight Marvel Now!
02 - Crescent Dart Crescent Dart Ranged Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque nebula playable 01-lo r128x128
Nebula Cinematic
Nebula 1 concussive-blast Concussive Blast Ranged Shock
Nebula 4 eradication Eradication Ranged Shock
Nebula 7 parting-shots Parting Shots Ranged Shock
Tn Nova
Nova Marvel Now!
Nova 1 cosmic-blast Cosmic Blast Ranged Energy
Nova 5 concentrated-energy Concentrated Energy Ranged Energy
Nova 6 gravimetric-beam Gravimetric Beam Ranged Blunt
Nova 8 nova-force-unleashed Nova Force Unleashed Ranged Energy
Tn Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Cinematic
01 - Baryon Blaster Baryon Blaster Ranged Energy
Rocket 3 sphaleron-launcher Sphaleron Launcher Ranged Blast
Rocket 6 quantum-entangler Quantum Entangler Ranged Ranged
Rocket 4 lepton-phaser Lepton Phaser Ranged Shock
Rocket 7 fermion-pulse-rifle Fermion Pulse Rifle Ranged Energy
Rocket 8B hadron-enforce Hadron Enforcer Ranged Energy
Tn She-Hulk
She-Hulk Classic
10 - Protect and Serve Protect and Serve Ranged Blunt
Tn Spider-Man
Spider-Man Classic
Spiderman 1 web-shot Web Shot Ranged Projectile
Spiderman 7 cocoon-spray Cocoon Spray Ranged Projectile
Spiderman 8 ultimate-throw Ultimate Throw Ranged Blunt
Tn Miles Morales
Spider-Man Miles Morales
Spiderman MM 2 ultimate-web Ultimate Web Ranged Shock
06-Sling Kick Sling Kick Ranged Blunt
Spiderman MM 8 venom-bomb Venom Bomb Ranged Shock
Tn Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman Classic
Spider-woman 1 venom-blast Venom Blast Ranged Shock
Spider-woman 2 fear-pheromones Fear Pheromones Ranged
Spider-woman 4 seduction-pheromones Seduction Pheromones Ranged
Spider-woman 8 arachne-sting Arachne Sting Ranged Shock
Tn Star-Lord
Star-Lord Cinematic
Star-lord 1 element-gun-1 Element Gun Ranged Shock
Star-lord 3 cherry-bomb-1 Cherry Bomb Ranged Blast
Star-lord 5 elemental-assault-1 Elemental Assault Ranged
06 - Spirit In the Sky Spirit In The Sky Ranged Energy
10 - Trick Shots Trick Shots Ranged Energy
Tn Thor AoU
Thor Age of Ultron
Thor AoU 1 unleash-mjolner Unleash Mjoinir Ranged Blunt
Thor AoU 3 summon-lightning Summon Thunder Ranged Shock
Ui icon hero plaque thor 01-lo r128x128
Thor Marvel Now!
Thor 2 call lightning Call Lightning Ranged Shock
Thor 3 hammer-throw Hammer Throw Ranged Blunt
Thor 8 storm-front Storm Front Ranged Shock
Tn Vision AoU
Vision Age of Ultron
Vision AoU 1 thermoscopic-blast Thermoscopic Blast Ranged Energy
Vision AoU 6 mind-stone Mind Stone Ranged Energy
Tn Vision
Vision Marvel Now!
Vision 2 eye-beams Eye Beams Ranged Energy
Vision 6 microwave-pulse Microwave Pulse Ranged Energy
Vision 8 solar-jewel Solar Jewel Ranged Energy
Ui icon hero plaque war machine 01-lo r128x128
War Machine Marvel Now!
Warmachine 1 controlled-fire Controlled Fire Ranged
Warmachine 3 shock-and-awe Shock and Awe Ranged
Warmachine 4 dual-repulsor Dual Repulsor Ranged
Warmachine 5 air-supremacy Air Supremacy Ranged
Warmachine 7 reactor-discharge Reactor Discharge Ranged
Warmachine 8 21-gun-salute 21 Gun Salute Ranged
Ui icon hero plaque wasp 01-lo r128x128
Wasp Modern
Wasp 1 bioenergy-blast Bioenergy Blast Ranged Shock
Wasp 2 stinging-barrage Stinging Barrage Ranged Shock
Wasp 5 final-sting Final Sting Ranged Shock
Wasp 7 skirmish-scramble Skirmish Scramble Ranged Shock
Tn Winter Soldier CW
Winter Soldier Civil War
Winter Soldier-Burst Fire Burst Fire Ranged Projectile
Winter Soldier-Down The Line Down The Line Ranged Projectile
Winter Soldier-H.E. Round H.E. Round Ranged Blast
Winter Soldier-Guns Blazing Guns Blazing Ranged Blast Projectile
Ability Type