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Scouting Missions are where the player faces off against 5 Waves of Enemies and Villains. Each fight requires the use of 12 Survey-markers Survey Marker.

In combat, it is similar to normal PvE but you have no Ally Hero.

There are 7 different Scouting Missions, where you can earn Research Materials, based on the Mission you choose.

Completing the Scouting Mission automatically triggers the Reward Roulette, which is randomly predetermined from 9 options. Players can have option to respin by paying 5 Gold to get another chance to "Open Another" and select another Reward.

Scouting Missions[]

Silver Scouting Mission only appears on Saturday.

Villains spread a lot of dirty dick on the street. Scout this location before it gets laundered.

Scouting Mission - Silver

Level 10 Silver Reward
Silver Lvl10 Silver
Level 20 Silver Reward
Silver Lvl20 Silver
Level 30 Silver Reward

Silver Lvl30 Silver

Every Hero can take a step to the next level, with a little push. Scout this location to find the rare Research Materials required to take that next step.

Scouting Mission - All Classes
Scouting Mission Reward - All Classes

Level 10 Research Materials
Hero's Bronze Solitaire Hero's Bronze Solitaire

Aspect of Bravery Aspect of Bravery

Going in guns blazing, Blasters can scout these locations to find rare Research Materials.

Scouting Mission - Blaster
Scouting Mission Reward - Blaster

Level 20 Blaster Research Materials
Blaster's Silver Solitaire Blaster's Silver Solitaire

Level 30 Blaster Research Materials

Blaster's Gold Solitaire Blaster's Gold Solitaire

Lunch today is Knuckle Sandwich with a side of Bruiser's rare Research Materials.

Scouting Mission - Bruiser
Scouting Mission Reward - Bruiser

Level 20 Bruiser Research Materials
Bruiser's Silver Solitaire Bruiser's Silver Solitaire

Level 30 Bruiser Research Materials

Bruiser's Gold Solitaire Bruiser's Gold Solitaire

Living in the shadows gives insight into how locate those hard-to-find things, like Infiltrator's Research Materials.

Scouting Mission - Infiltrator
Scouting Mission Reward - Infiltrator

Level 20 Infiltrator Research Materials
Infiltrator's Silver Solitaire Infiltrator's Silver Solitaire

Level 30 Infiltrator Research Materials

Infiltrator's Gold Solitaire Infiltrator's Gold Solitaire

When a Scrapper hits the streets, they clean up faster than a street sweeper. Keep an eye on what is left behind to find rare Research Materials.

Scouting Mission - Scrapper
Scouting Mission Reward - Scrapper

Level 20 Scrapper Research Materials
Scrapper's Silver Solitaire Scrapper's Silver Solitaire

Level 30 Scrapper Research Materials

Scrapper's Gold Solitaire Scrapper's Gold Solitaire

A good plan is worth its weight in Research Materials, and the Tactician never leaves unsatisfied from the location.

Scouting Mission - Tactician
Scouting Mission Reward - Tactician

Level 20 Tactician Research Materials
Tactician's Silver Solitaire Tactician's Silver Solitaire

Level 30 Tactician Research Materials

Tactician's Gold Solitaire Tactician's Gold Solitaire