Hero Ability Type
Ui icon hero plaque angela 01-lo r128x128
Angela Modern
01 - Vital Slash Vital Slash Melee Sharp
03 - Battle Rend Battle Rend Melee Sharp
Angela 4 angelic-ribbons Angelic Ribbons Ranged Sharp
06 - Impetuous Cleave Impetuous Cleave Melee Sharp
07 - Heven's Strike Heven's Strike Melee Sharp
08 - Icors Mastery Ichor Mastery Melee Sharp
Tn Black Panther CW
Black Panther Civil War
01 - Claw Swipe Lethal Scratch Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 2 cloakedambush Cloaked Ambush Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 6 piercingdagger Piercing Dagger Ranged Sharp
Blackpanther 7 pantherspounce Panther's Pounce Melee Sharp
Blackpanther 8 rakingclaw Raking Claw Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque black panther 01-lo r128x128
Black Panther Modern
01 - Claw Swipe Claw Swipe Melee Sharp
03 - Vibranium Daggers Vibranium Daggers Ranged Sharp
06 - Dagger Barrage Dagger Barrage Ranged Sharp
08 - Shadow Strike Shadow Strike Melee Sharp
Tn Drax
Drax Cinematic
Drax 1 stab Stab Melee Sharp
Drax 2 slash-then-slash-again Slash, Then Slash Again Melee Sharp
Drax 4 throw-knife Throw Knife Ranged Sharp
Drax 7 i-am-too-furious I Am Too Furious Melee Sharp
Drax 8 stab-from-above Stab From Above Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque gamora 01-lo r128x128
Gamora Cinematic
01 - Precise Strike Precise Strike Melee Sharp
02 - Assassinate Assassinate Melee Sharp
03 - Distracting Blow Distracting Blow Melee Sharp
05 - Steel Barrage Steel Barrage Melee Sharp
07 - Gut Shot Gut Shot Melee Sharp
10 - Execute Execute Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque groot 01-lo r128x128
Groot Cinematic
01 - Impaling Branches Impaling Branches Melee Sharp
Groot 5 undergrowth Undergrowth Ranged Sharp
Tn Hank Pym
Hank Pym Yellowjacket
07 - Buzz Kill Buzz Kill Ranged Sharp
Tn Heimdall
Heimdall Cinematic
Heimdall 1 seeking-strike Seeking Strike Melee Sharp
Heimdall 3 hofund-the-uru-blade Hofund, The Uru Blade Melee Sharp
Heimdall 7 leap-into-the-fray Leap Into The Fray Melee Sharp
Heimdall 8 bifrost-dash Bifrost Dash Melee Sharp
Ui icon hero plaque moon knight 01-lo r128x128
Moon Knight Marvel Now!
02 - Crescent Dart Crescent Dart Ranged Sharp
Tn Winter Soldier CW
Winter Soldier Civil War
Winter Soldier-Double Slash Double Slash Melee Sharp
Ability Type
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