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Special Operations
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Spec Op 2 Captain America Civil War NEW:
Spec Op 02: Captain America: Civil War
Status: Active
Spec Op 02: Captain America: Civil War
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Spec Ops are a series of time-limited missions. Complete all Spec Op Tasks to recruit an exclusive Hero!

Spec Op 2 Captain America Civil War

Special Operations are limited time challenges where players can earn a new hero by completing specified objectives. Once the time for the mission has expired, the hero is no longer aviable (until future release, which is not know or at moment). Special Operations can be accessed from the Home screen.

While normal missions require Energy energy to access battles, Spec Ops require Conflicted Directives Directives to do the events. It costs Directives for battles and for Deploy missions. It can be obtained through normal missions battles including your friends heros.

Players can do both Story Missions and Special Operations at the same time without aborting the other.

Spec Ops 1 cost 10 Miniaturized Directives Miniaturized Directives for the very first battle.

In Special Operations, players were required to complete a series of tasks in order to recruit a hero.

Spec Op 01: Matter & Ant-Matter[]

Availability: March 1, 2016 - March 18, 2016
Hero Recruitable: Ant-Man
Required Directives: Miniaturized Directives Miniaturized Directives

Spec Op 1 Matter & Ant-Matter
Spec Op 1 Mission 1 Scott Lang Vs. The World
Spec Op 1 Mission 2 Kicking the Anthill
Spec Op 1 Mission 3 Microaggression

Spec Op 02: Captain America: Civil War[]

Availability: April 27, 2016 - May 27, 2016
Hero Recruitable: Winter Soldier and/or Falcon
Required Directives: Conflicted Directives Conflicted Directives

Spec Op 2 Captain America Civil War
Spec Op 2 Mission 1 Absent Without Leave
Spec Op 2 Mission 2 Choosing Sides
Spec Op 2 Mission 3 Welcome To The Jungle