Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Wikia

Many of these tips came from the Playdom forums and our crew on the wikia. The usefulness of each may vary from person to person. Take them with a grain of salt:

  • If you can't find a boss from task, you may need to play the mission on a higher difficulty.
  • Epic bosses can only be found on the Heroic Difficulty.
  • On Saturdays there is a special scouting mission to collect silver.
  • When your commander level goes up you completely refresh your energy. Save your 300CXP tasks until you have no energy and are close to a level up!
  • Once you unlock it, don't forget to slot Isos into your characters! You can do this as soon as they are recruited, and gain two slots at every 10 levels.
  • Don't buy moves for Ability Points. They cost twice as much as what you'd get back for drawing a duplicate in a power cell.
  • Don't bother keeping a large supply of gold. It's in plentiful supply thanks to task rewards, roulettes, and power cells. Once you have about 40, spend 25 on a Superior Power Cell. You never know if you'll get a new hero. But of course, if you already have all the heroes, then you that's the one time you shouldn't buy them.
  • Don't forget to change the teamup when you start a PVE battle. You'll get a 10% stat bonus and 400 silver instead of 200.
  • If you teamup with a hero who's already on your team, your version will be removed. Don't forget to replace them!
  • Don't forget to use UIsos to empower your heroes - it's instant XP.
  • Take note of where you equip the iso-8 crystals on your heroes. The coloured squares give an extra bonus to the stats if you also equip the same coloured iso-8 crystal in its slot.
  • If you've think you've found the 5 heroes that work best together (minus the team up hero), focus on these 5 and level them up and their abilities. It's quality and not quantity. Don't think there's a clear benefit on on how many heroes you own compared to MAA1.
  • Make use of switching heroes if they are low on health asap. They will regenerate health while in reserve. If they are ever defeated in combat, the reserved hero that took their place will begin the battle delayed and in a disadvantaged position.
  • If you have a protector as your setup team, make sure you have a back up protector. If the frontline protector is low on health, the backup can take its place while the frontline protector can heal while in reserve and vice versa.
  • Never pay 5 gold for the respins especially on the scouting missions. It is much cheaper to use the 5 gold to refill your survey markers instead. Doing so will give you 3 more chances on the roulette plus all the extra research items dropped and the combat experience for your heroes, all for just 5 gold.
  • Galactic Iso-8 Set bugged . Instead of applying Shield-breaker, it applies Flanking.
  • Heroes usually earn roughly 50% less XP when defeated during a battle.