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Tn Ultron
Icon Ultron

Bio: With his extensive knowledge and metal alloy body, Ultron has the ability to easily Restore himself when hit with debuffs that would plague organic creatures. Perhaps his greatest strength is that of self-replication, evidenced by the army of clones he can summon at will.

Class: Generalist

Organisations: Ui icon faction ultron-lo r64x64 The Army of Ultron

Story Appearance

Chapter 2 - A.I.M. For the Stars

Note: This is Epic Ultron. Needed for tasks and character trials. This is the only place where you can find Ultron.

Chapter 4 - Hard Reboot


Note: These are the stats at Level 29 ****

Level Health Attack Defense Speed Accuracy Evasion
29 6924 1731 1992 1386 1646 1386


Super Villain - Takes turns fasterSuper Villain - Takes turns faster
 Super Villain
Takes turns faster
Effect Icon 031 MK I On the fly chassis upgrade
Effect Icon 031 Adaptation Gains a class based stat buff after being hit
Tactician gains
Adroit - Increases Speed by 25%Adroit - Increases Speed by 25%
Blaster gains
Focused - Increases Accuracy by 25%Focused - Increases Accuracy by 25%
Bruiser gains
Fortified - Increase Defense by 25%Fortified - Increase Defense by 25%
Scrapper gains
Strengthened - Increases Attack by 25%Strengthened - Increases Attack by 25%
Infiltrator gains
Alerted - Increases Evasion by 25%Alerted - Increases Evasion by 25%
Generalist gains ?


Ability Effect




Tn Ultron Ui icon ultron 01-lo r64x64
Enemy-Ultron incoming Ultron Avengers Alliance 2 Render