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Unstable Iso-8

Unstable Iso-8 can be used to level up your heroes. Empowering heroes with Unstable Iso-8 also costs Silver.


Each color matches a class and provides a 50% bonus when used on that class. Prismatic recepticles have a bonus when applied to any class.

Types of Unstable Iso-8[]

Unstable Iso-8 Recepticle
Unknown Icon 1
XP added: 25000 XP Cost: 1000 Silver
Unstable Iso-8 Canister
Iso-8 Canister - green Iso-8 Canister - red Iso-8 Canister - blue Iso-8 Canister - yellow Iso-8 Canister - purple Iso-8 Canister - all colors
XP added: 8000 XP Cost: 500 Silver
Unstable Iso-8 Cartridge
Iso-8 Cartridge - green Iso-8 Cartridge - red Iso-8 Cartridge - blue Iso-8 Cartridge - yellow Iso-8 Cartridge - purple Iso-8 Cartridge - all colors
XP added: 2000 XP Cost: 250 Silver
Unstable Iso-8 Capsule
Iso-8 Capsule - green Iso-8 Capsule - red Iso-8 Capsule - blue Iso-8 Capsule - yellow Iso-8 Capsule - purple Iso-8 Capsule - all colors
XP added: 600 XP Cost: 125 Silver
Unstable Iso-8 Sample
Iso-8 Sample - green Iso-8 Sample - red Iso-8 Sample - blue Iso-8 Sample - yellow Iso-8 Sample - purple Iso-8 Sample - all colors
XP added: 250 XP Cost: 90 Silver