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The son of a rogue Kree scientist, Zak-Del became bounty hunter and cosmic mercenary in defiance of the Empire. Infected with an extraterrestrial parasite, 'Wraith' as he now call himself, possesses a powerful healing factor and an immunity to pain. He arms himself with a polymorphic weapon of unknown origin.

Class: Infiltrator Infiltrator

Story Appearances:Edit

Chapter 3 - Middle of Knowhere

Organisation: Mercenary


Note: These are his stats at Level 37 ****

Health: 8656

Attack: 3870

Defense: 3665

Speed: 4073

Accuracy: 3870

Evasion: 4278


Name Description Effect Notes
Super Villain Takes turns faster.


Name Target Damage Type Effect/s



"Empowered by the Exolon parasite, Wraith is able to turn a simple guard stance into regenerative action. Once recovered, he lashes out with his polymorphic weapon, causing Wounded more often than not."


Chapter 3, Mission 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Ui icon hero plaque hawkeye 01-lo r128x128
Hey, we don't want any trouble.
Ui icon wraith 01-lo r64x64
I guess it's too bad that I was hired to make trouble for you then, isn't it?



  • He is one of the many villains in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, that have yet to appear in the game's predecessor.
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